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Games for Windows is a gaming platform and marketing campaign by Microsoft that dates back at least to 2005, and was revised in 2006. Games for the platform must meet certification standards similar to those of modern popular videogame consoles. The campaign aims to make video gaming on Windows operating systems as easy and accessible as on popular video game consoles.

The campaign has been promoted through convention kiosks and through other forums as early as 2005.


The Games for Windows website shows information about and links to Microsoft products, as well as links to specific video games, computer hardware, gaming tips, new game releases, bestsellers, and general gaming information about Windows games and related software.

The website has a "Windows Game Advisor" which has some more links to specific games, as well as more game rankings and a registration section which appears that allows visitors to find games that suit their tastes.

Game Packaging

Games released on the Games for Windows platform are released in standard Games for Windows packaging. Packaging features include a prominent "Games for Windows" logo stripe across the upper front of the keep case.

In a December 2006 update on the progress of the marketing campaign, Microsoft stated to IGN that "the Games for Windows brand will sit on a stripe across all of the PC game boxes that are partners with this effort." Microsoft stated they had increased their sales of Games for Windows brand games in stores that had been giving the games greater focus, and said they planned on increased marketing efforts of the brand.

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