The Godfather II

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The Godfather II
The Godfather II.Cover.jpg
Release date: April 7, 2009
Developer: EA Redwood Shores
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platforms: PlayStation 3, Windows, Xbox 360


After the first Godfather game, this second iteration leans more on the second movie of the famous trilogy. Like in the first Godfather, you take over territories and rackets in a GTA style manner while also commanding your family in a more strategic way. Holding rackets now not only gives you money but also can give you certain perks such as higher damage or more bullets per magazine.

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Fifteen years ago, Michael Corleone and Aldo Trapani waged a war against the Five Families. For Michael, it was strictly business - a decision that solidified his family's position as the head of New York's criminal underworld. For Aldo, the war was a personal vendetta against the man who killed his father.

In the years since, the Corleone family has grown into a lucrative empire with power and influence that reaches far beyond New York. Strongholds in Miami and Las Vegas have put them at the forefront of every criminal enterprise in America, but times are changing. If they are to survive, the Corleones must change as well.

Hyman Roth, the last surviving member of the Mafia's golden age, has summoned the heads of America's crime families to Cuba on New Year's Eve. The future of the Mafia lies in this small, business-friendly island nation - or so Roth believes. It is 1958, and la revolucion is coming...

Guides and tips

Made men/Family members

When recruiting family members, it's important to know that every time they are promoted to next rank (Capo & Underboss) you can add a new speciality to them. So you should recruit multi-skilled members from the beginning, which means if you promote a multi-skilled member to Underboss then he will have 4 specialities.
If you wan't to replace a soldier with a multi-skilled one, go to Don's view and choose to upgrade the soldier. Choose Mark of death, add him to your crew, and take a headshot.

Guns and locations

All weapons found by you can be used by you and your family, but certain weapons need to have Made Men with a high enough weapons licence for them to use it.

Level 1 Weapons
To use these weapons, Made Men need Basic weapon licence:
Sniper Rifle, Pistol, .357 Magnum, Tommy Gun & Shotgun.

Level 2 Weapons
To use these weapons, Made Men need Advanced weapon licence:
Spitzer Centerfire, Silenced pistol, .44 Magnum Force, MP38 & Sawn-off shotgun.

Level 3 Weapons
To use these weapons, Made Men need Expert weapon licence:
Vintovka SR-98, Delta M1911 Silenced, .501 Magnum Enforcerer, AK-47 Modified & Schofield semi-auto shotgun.

Level 4 Weapons
To use these weapons, Made Men need Master weapon licence:
MG-S1 Sniper Wolfe, Herzstopper, .700 Magnum Impact, Modern Dillinger & Street Sweeper.

Level 1 guns are yours from the beginning, but the rest have to be found. The guns are highlighted in orange (lvl 2) and purple (lvl 3), so they're not that hard to find.

Sawn-off shotgun:
Can be found outside the New-York compound. When you enter the compound through the large gate, there's a hedge on your left side. Bring a Arsonist crewmember, and burn the hedge. The gun is on the bench behind the hedge.

.44 Magnum Force:
On the secondfloor hallway in Carmine Rosato's compound in New-York.

Silenced pistol:
This one is found when you get to Florida, and do your first mission there. An associate has been kidnapped, and after you saved him on top of the building, just walk down the stairs and the pistol is on a crate at the end of the stairs. This is also the mission where you find the Garrote.

Spitzer centerfire:
This one is located at one of the rackets in Florida, Emilio's packing company. Make your way to the roof where the owner is, and right next to him there's a fence that can be cut. Bring your Engineer crewmember, cut the fence and get your gun.

Located in Granados compound in Florida. On a table in the second floor dining room.

Delta M1911:
Located in Mangano compound in Florida. On a table in the first floor kitchen.

Schofield semi-auto shotgun:
Found at the Global Storage Chop Shop in Florida (racket available when Mangano enters the storyline). You'll find this located on the right and inside of the smaller warehouse. The gun will be on the far wall once inside.

AK-47 Modified:
Located at Battaglia Masonry in Cuba. Once you find the door, get inside and walk across the large storagearea, and enter the door on the other side. You should now be inside an office, go to the left and you should find a table with guns and ammo. Close to the table, in the corner, there's a ladder leading underground. Go down, and follow the tunnel and the gun is yours.

.501 Magnum Enforcerer:
Located at Battaglia Quarry Arms Smuggling in Cuba. At first, make your way through the first small warehouse. Once through and outside, make your way to the lighthouse. At the base of the lighthouse is the weapon.

Vintovka SR-98:
At the Almeida compound, second floor in the office on a desk.

Multi-skilled Made men

Leroy Petriboni Safecracker & Engineer.
Expert Gun License
Found in Florida at Jersey's Sports Bar racket. Approach the building from the east and there is a door into a little room. The recruit wanders around inside and just outside of the mentioned room.

Ray Ricci Demolitions & Engineer.
Expert Gun License
Located in Cuba, square near Casino Imperial.

Alvin Uzanno Safecracker & Medic
Advanced Gun License
Located in east most part of the west island in New Yor, under the highway.

Roy Mancini Bruiser & Engineer
Expert Gun License
In Cuban Airport in and around the row of three planes along the northside of Battaglia Cement Factory.

Bernard Uzzano Bruiser & Medic
Advanced Gun License
At the Florida Cemetery, in or around the large crypt, north of the hangout of Almeida capo Jaime Fesser.

Ray Fogliano Arsonist & Demolitions
In Florida On top of building across from Corman's Drive-In. When at the drive-in, go east and follow the road towards the highway. Between the big drive-in gate and the highway, is a small road. On the north side of that road, he can be seen standing on a building.

Jimmy Lira Arsonist, Medic, Safecracker & Engineer.
Unknown (requires bonus downloadable content).

Tommy Cipolla Arsonist & Medic
Advanced Gun Licence
Available only if you preorder and have the code.
Once code is entered, he can be found inside your own New-York compound top of the stairs.



On February 11, 2009 EA officially announced the release date would be April 7, 2009.