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If you kill Dwayne you get $25000 and then you will no longer hear from Playboy X.

>== get the names right... ==

it's Mikhail, not Michael. there are so many mistakes on this site, it's getting kinda boring. i would fix it, but it probably won't help, the mistakes will probably keep happening. shame, cos this site could be decent... - TQfan

Hi. Thanks for the input. You are right, the name is wrong, I just checked it against the manual. I went through it and fixed Mikhail's name. I played it by ear the first time and that stuck, sorry about that. If you know any other problems, just post it here or edit the guide directly. You are more than welcome to do so. --Simon Moon 18:40, 10 May 2008 (EDT)



You're wrong about the Francis/Derrick choice and the Undertaker Mission

The Undertaker mission is forced regardless of whether you kill Francis or Derrick in the Blood Brothers mission. If you kill Derrick, you do get the "Clear Wanted Level" feature from Francis, and if you kill Francis you get no bonuses.

If you kill Francis, the Undertaker mission comes up right away (you get an instant phone call from Packie). But if you kill Derrick, it takes time for them to learn of his death or whatever, so you get it a little later. The dialog in Kate and Packie's phone calls and at the church service and funeral are a little different. Nobody is sorry for Francis' death but they are a little more grievous for Derrick.

The most important gameplay difference is that, probably to make things a bit more even with the bonus you get for killing Derrick, the developers also decided to make Derrick's burial at a much farther away graveyard in northern Dukes than Francis' burial. This means that you don't "lose" the Albanians following you as quickly and they chase you much further. Also, it's almost impossible to run from them without getting the cops' attention. Basically, this mission is a lot harder since you have to go so much farther while being chased by both cops and Albanians for such a long time. I beat the Francis' burial in my first try with ease, but it took me a few replays to complete Derrick's burial. --Nishu 02:33, 12 May 2008 (EDT)

Thanks, I know that myself, but the guide has not been updated yet, sorry :) At the point of the writing, I completed the game killing francis, and there the call is isntant. With Derrick it took forever and by that I have played for a few more hours already. I will cahnge the guide to reflect that. --Christian Riesen 09:50, 12 May 2008 (EDT)

duplicate missions?

Out of Commission and A revengers tragedy are basicly the same missions, with small alterations, maybe copy content from Out of commision?


the easiest way to get rid of the guys in the house is to call 911 on your mobilephone and let kill the guys from the cops. after the cops killed the guys you will only get a two star wantedlevel. but don't shoot at anyone or the cops will try to hunt you down. --Duckman 14:09, 24 July 2008 (UTC)