Septerra Core

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Septerra Core
Septerra Core box.gif
Release date: October 31, 1999
Developer: Valkyrie Studios
Publisher: Monolith Productions
Platforms: Windows
Requirements: Windows 95


Septerra Core is a Role Playing Adventure Game for Windows developed by Valkyrie Studios. Players will encounter intriguing puzzles, strong character development and fast paced strategic combat, all driven forward by a story which takes place in an original, highly detailed fantasy world. Game Features: Hundreds of locations for players creates a large, fully explorable world with seven continents.

Highly developed storyline and characters offer fifteen chapters of gameplay.

Simple interface allows players to tap into the complex options of the game, without overly complex menus.

In addition to the main character, players may choose from eight companions, each with a unique background story, motivation and skill set.

Engage enemies in a combat system that has all the strategy of turn based combat, but keeps the game fast paced.

Over 140 NPCs that respond to your characters with over 5 hours of recorded dialog.

Experiment with item combinations to create over 100 spell effects by collecting a deck of "Fate Cards."

Large 16-bit backgrounds that are natural and non-repetitive.

Hundreds of Items and Weapons allow you to tweak out your characters.

Highest quality production, including 640x480 graphics, 16-bit color, completely recorded dialogue and fully animated movie sequences


You are Maya, a junk scavenger, surviving on refuse dumped from above. Yours is a world of layers, in which continents orbit at different elevations around the planet. Those at the top, the Chosen, consume massive amounts of energy and dump their waste down to the layers below. Now they have begun a descent to the Core, a living computer, in their search for the Gift of the Creator, fabled to bestow great power. At first you stand in the way of the Chosen, fighting to slow their march to the Core, and protect your homeland. But it is you who will ultimately discover Septerra's true nature, as you journey out of the familiar surroundings of your home country, and come face to face with the Legacy.

Gameplay Basics

The game's play area has two different depths - the world map and the location maps. On the location maps, the player is given the opportunity of interacting with other characters, visiting stores, fighting battles, and so forth, whilst the world map serves the purpose of transporting the player from one location map to the other. At some points in the story, such as the beginning, the game is linear on the world map; at other times the player can move to all sorts of battlefields to grind out more experience for the characters. Within dungeons there is a choice of movement to pick up the required magic items in any order, but one cannot rest to full health within.


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