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Intro to this guide

This walkthrough has been written with extreme care and tested multiple times. It should show you not only how to do things, but also explain what to look out for when you do things so you don't get caught and have no idea what went wrong. If this can't help you, then nothing can really. Each step is described with as much detail as possible, without going too much over board. This text should allow you to gain silent assassin rating in every single level, on the pro difficulty. Since it should work for that, you shouldnt have a problem on any other difficulty.

Difficulty levels


You can save as much as you want, the AI is just slightly more intelligent than a post, you get the full maps with all the hints and tips form the agency and there is no evidence or notoriety. The AI is so accommodating in fact that you can easy run up at them with something not too threatening (fiberwire for example) they will look at you curious and very very slowly turn around. You can just circle them and kill them while they still think about what to do. Also they aim very badly and usually drop with one shot. This is so extreme that you can go through whole levels and kill everyone (except in The Murderer Of Crows) without too many problems. If you decide to do that though, try to silently decimate the wepaon bearing population first. Happy slaughtering.


You can save seven times per level, the AI is a bit more intelligent (normal), you get still a lot of assistance from the agency and notoriety is in effect.


Only three saves permitted in one level. The AI is more on guard than in normal. You get a reduced help from the agency. Notoriety is in effect and if there is evidence (body found, tapes etc) your rating will be affected.


The ultimate test. No saving (except between the levels for progress), the maps are pretty much blank (only your targets visible, no points of interest, stairs or elevators marked) and the AI is extremely sharp. Take out someone too noisy and you might end up being uncovered in no time. You have to rely on looking through keyholes more often here and also on timing in general. If there is a shoot out, you are most likely dead. Not only are they hard to kill, but their aim also very good. In short, if it comes to a fire fight, you are as good as dead.

Getting Silent Assassin

On the lower levels it is rather easy. On pro it is the hardest. The rules for pro are simple. You have to exit the level in your suit, no weapons of yours left behind (the customizable ones), no witnesses, no video tapes or pictures of you left behind either. If a target dies through an accident the body can be found and it is not a problem. If any other body is found or the target did not die by "accident" it will count as body found and you wont get silent assassin. No cover can be blown. You can kill other people in your way. The best though is to let them have accidents and not let anyone find the body. Death On The Mississippi is an example level for that, where you can dispatch people in the engine room or over the side of the boat. An example where this dosnt work is A New Life, when you kill the wife with the barbeque grill. Because the guards find her body in the pool, it will count as one body found and you will not get silent assassin.

But why get Silent Assassin at all?

This rating means that there is no notoriety, also no retrieval fees or cleanup charges, so you get more money that way. It also gives you a bonus of 150,000 for the level you get it. This is added to the "reward" mentioned for each hit in this guide.


Inside each level when looking at the objectives you can buy intel from the agency. Each tip is just a little bit of text, costing you 3,500 per tip. So instead of blowing the money on that, simply read the intel tips in this guide. Also, the references correspond to points of interest mostly. If you have some intel that talks about a location or an action, there is a point of interest around somewhere that might be helpful.


These ratings are given by the game, based on your performance. The best rating is Silent Assassin.

  • Hired Killer: 75,000, Noise 1-3, Violence 0, Notoriety 15-18, 1 Cover blown, 3 witnesses
  • Silent Assassin: 150,000, Noise 0, Violence, 0, Notoriety 0
  • Professional: 100,000, Noise 0, Violence 0, Notoriety 0-10, 1 Body found or suit left behind or 1 witness
  • Specialist: 75,000, Noise 0-1, Violence 1, Notoriety 15, 2 Witnesses or 1 body found
  • Terrorist: 0, Noise 3-4, Violence 10, Lots of kills (70)
  • Deranged Slayer: 1,000, Noise 2, Violence 10, Lots of kills (65)
  • Serial Killer: 5,000, Noise 1, Violence 8, 1 body found and 1 cover blown
  • Psychopath: 0, Noise 5, Violence 10

General Hints

  • You can run more than you think.
  • When in a disguise, don't stay too close to people with the same outfit. If you are in an elite guard outfit in A Vintage Year, don't stay too close to other elite guards. But the guards with the shotguns are a different type and wont be able to blow your cover.
  • Never be seen doing something 'unnormal' like climbing through a window, up a pipe or up some crates.
  • Play the game in Rookie first, you will get a lot of help, get to know the maps, points of interest, and other hints.
  • Don't spend money on the intel. They are just a few phrases and I have included them below for each level.
  • Except for the very last level, Amendment XXV, don't bring anything with you and don't spend money on any upgrades. You don't need anything really that you do not already have by default or find in the level.
  • Be patient. In many places you simply have to wait for something to happen. Just sit tight and wait. This guide should tell you where to wait for what exactly at all times.
  • The enemy is stronger on higher levels. If it comes to a shoot out, aim for the head, body shots usually don't do much damage. If it comes to a shoot out, silent assassin is not an option anymore.
  • This guide is not the only option on how to complete the missions. You can do it in many ways, but in most other cases you will not reach silent assassin on pro.
  • If you end up in a fight and you are about to die, you get a second chance. If in that moment you are about to die (where everything slows down and starts to get red) you pull off 3 headshots in a row, you get another chance. Good if you have purchased some health upgrades now, so you can get to full health, because the next time you run out of health, it is instant and permanent.

Death Of A Showman

Target: Joseph Clarence

This is the intro and tutorial level. If you die here, you will not survive the game as such. Follow the games instructions, but to make your life easy, here is how to get through.

Walk forward and through the gap to your left. There is a bench in that gap, you can climb up and to the pier from there. Go to the gate ahead and stand close to it. Wait for the guard.

The guard comes to you, there is some talk and you knock him out. Enter the building to your left (watch the nice blood drag marks). Go a bit to your right and you see two guys talking there. Equip the coin and throw it through the open window on the far right. Throw it high and if you can to the left of that target sign. I heard of some people having troubles throwing items, specially on Xbox 360. You have to press down and hold one of the analog sticks, so you hear it click, then keep it pressed for a second or two (the longer the further the throw) and aim for where you want to throw. Releasing the analog stick will throw the item.

With the coin through the window, the guards will be busy inspecting the coin and you can walk (normally, no running or sneaking) past them to the entrance of the theater.

Enter and then sneak up behind the thug there. Fiberwire him and grab his gun.

Climb the red wood works to your right up the the second level. Jump across to the next railing (press forward and he will climb over it and jump on his own). Go to the door, and pick the lock. Headshot the thugs here and then hide them in the two convenient containers here. Hide yourself in the closet.

A lab guy will come in. Exit the closet and shoot him in the head. Grab his key card and his clothes. Go through the door he came in and use the keycard on the left side door.

Walk slowly along the corridor here. Go into the room to the left where you can see a crate. Get close to it to put the gun you have into it. Pick up the crate and walk further along the corridor you are in to the control room. Wait outside and you will be frisked (metal detector wand is held over you). You are clear, so go inside and then close the doors. Put down the crate and retrieve the gun.

Take out your fibrewire and drop on top of the elevator. Press the action button close to the hatch when you get the "strangle" action. Very handy maneuver. Drop down the hatch and go to the utility box at the corner.

Break the box, then sneak to the left past everyone here. Turn right behind the wall and enter the next door. Turn left, pull out your gun, then open the door and sneak to the guy standing there. Press the action button for human shield when you get the action text and go around the corner to your left.

Here headshot the guys sitting around, then knock out the guy you are holding.

Climb up the ladder and go straight. There is a rifle case here, pick it up. Now go into the inventory and select the rifle case. This is how you unpack any rifle case in the game, be it one of these boxy ones (there are 3 in the game of this type) or your own. Step over to the circular window. Press the scope button to scope in. Aim to the lower right for the first guard, plant a nice headshot. Now aim up to the left, for the second guard. The third is standing a bit further off on the ferries wheel. Kill them all then drop the rifle, you don't need it anymore.

Go a bit back and turn to your right, go through the door here. Outside turn left and go to the drainpipe. You can climb it down here. turn around, head over to your left to the door there.

Grab the syringe from the box ahead of you and then slowly walk upwards on the stairs to your left. Don't go fully to the top, only that far so you can see the guard up there, but he cant see you. Wait for him to stop talking and go over by the window. Now sneak up there and simply pull the trigger, unarmed, when you are behind him to shove him over the railing and kill him that way. These kills count as accident, very handy.

Turn around sneak into the office here and get your poison syringe out. Aim for the bottle on the table and again pull the trigger (the crosshair gets red when you aim at something that can be influenced and you are close enough to do it, great lesson for poisoning people or sedating them later). Now behind you to your right is a closet, hide in it, like before with the lab guy.

Wait for the secretary to come out, drink the poisoned drink and die rather horribly. Exit the closet and go across the room to the inner office door and enter. After the cinematic you get tho choose how to kill the guy. You can shoot him, grab the baseball bat off the wall to the right or the hammer on the table to the left. Good hint, go behind him before killing, as those kills are pretty directly fatal and not too messy. Drop the baseball bat or hammer if you chose those and then go out the window to your left when entering the office.

In front of you is another crate, those are ICA drop offs. You can stash weapons in them and they will be safe in there and come "with you" when you exit the level. For now get the mine and the detonator. Follow the balcony to the window to your left and climb through.

Sneak to the winch in front and to your right. You will find later winches like these, or other anchoring points for heavy objects throughout the game. Generally they hold something heavy that can drop on someone below. These kills count as accidents, as long as nobody stands close to the winch when you blow the charge. So stand back a bit, chose the detonator and blow the charge. Most of the people downstairs are dead now. Go down the stairs to your left and kill whoever is left. With that done, exit through the door in the left wall.

This concludes the tutorial. You get no rating from this though. I have not yet found a way to do this with a silent assassin rating, it always says something or another in the newspaper.

Total Money: 274,000

A Vintage Year

Total people in this level: 70 (2 targets, 29 guards, 39 tourists)

Targets: Don Fernando Delgado and Manuel Delgado

Reward: 400,000


  1. The guided tour of the wine cellar might prove useful, especially when looking for potential death traps.
  2. We've heard that Manuel likes to entertain friends and enjoy the merchandise in the wine cellar.
  3. The entrance to the secret lab is hidden somewhere in the wine cellar.
  4. The insides are guarded by highly trained guards.

To reach silent assassin in this one is a bit tricky. Although it is the first true mission, it already has it's hard stretches. You got two major problems. One is you need your suit to escape, so you can't just walk around in a uniform. A guard is stationed close to the exit, which makes this hard. So to side step this, we simply take that guards uniform. The second part is that there is a camera team around, which might lead to evidence. That team is always in the outer yard so by simply not going there, you are safe.

When you can move, run straight to the left of the wall. Follow around the north side of the building and then go down the east side of the wall. There is a guard patrolling here, ignore him, even at full run he wont notice you really. Then at the south east corner of the building there is some ramps leading down.

Following those ramps down. You can't fall off and you can go back up any time. You come to the hangar. In front of you will be a worker smoking. Simply start sneaking behind him, before you hit the stone surface of the pier and go towards the left. You will see a guard standing close to the water. Now wait until a worker appears from the left (out of the elevator) and then leaves again. If you rush in, he will call a guard and your rating will go to hell. With the worker gone, sneak up to the guard and sedate him. Grab his uniform and then drag the body behind the crates to the north. The body should be placed so you cant see it from the elevator or the pier in front of the elevator. Also grab the SAF SMG, to complete the disguise.

Take the elevator to the drug lab. You technically can kill either on of your targets from here now, but the dons son is the better choice (because he lines up so nicely for the kill soon. The don is in his rut so deeply and relatively fast that you can kill him any time.

Go to the left and through the lab. Use the hidden wine barrel door and go into the wine cellar proper.

Now find the stairs up in the western most part. Follow them up. Before you hit the porch, equip your coin and throw it to the left near the door. The guard up there will go to the coin. Now go to the winch to your right on the landing and plant the bomb. This is the most risky part of the whole operation. If you get spotted here, its up.

Now go down a bit again to the landing after the first set of stairs and look down. Wait for Manuel Delgado to step into the space between the stairs. Wait until Delgado stand in line with the barrels, so he is to the east of them, or from your point of view in stands behind them. He sometimes stands too much to the right from your point of view, that will mostly happen when he comes from the outside, so don't blow the charge. If he stands in front of you against that eastern wall, the barrels will still get him though. At that moment, throw another coin to make the guard move away to the door, if he doest move on his own. Blow the charge and Delgado is history. If you kill the guard in this you wont reach silent assassin, so be careful.

The guard also sometimes comes down the stairs, which would be a perfect time if Delgado is in position. Sometimes he is, sometimes he isn't. Over all, this is risky.

An alternative, less risky is to strangle or poison him, here is how:

From the bottom of the stairs, look to the left, north and there is a closet on the right wall and a door. Enter that door. In front of you is a box, there is where you should stuff Delgado into later. Now he comes in here occasionally and tries the merchandise on the table. To the left though is a guard. You could poison him and drag him around the corner in time, if you do it the moment the guard looks over the wine vat. But that is more likely to fail. Wait until Delgado is finished and then, alone, goes through that door you came into. Stand close to the box and when he passes you, run up behind him and kill him. The best moment is when he is opening the door, there mostly is nobody on the other side and he is distracted. Grab his TMP if you want and stuff him in the box.

Now for the don. Go back to the drug lab through the hidden door and to the elevator. Let the elevator be and go straight past it. Follow the corridor and through the door. Go up the stairs and through the next door. You are now inside the mansion. There are many ways to do this part here but only one that is pretty much risk free. In the same wall the door is you just came through is another door, to your right. Take that and you are in the main corridor. Follow it turn right and you stand in front of the main entrance door. Go through it and you are in the inner yard.

Now walk a bit to your right and turn around facing south. You can see some wooden beams to your left and a recess in the building. On the wall there (the buildings north wall) is a drain pipe. You can easy scale it by simply walking into it. There is a worker looking in that general direction but the corner and the beams seem to hide you from him. Up there walk around the corner and enter through the open window in the east wall.

Wait until the don sits and you hear him play. Now sneak up to him, and kill him with a poison syringe or fiber wire.

Alternatively, you can let the don have an accident: Hide in the closet to the right of where he plays. When he is done, he will pass the closet and go to the right. Exit and follow him, sneaking. He goes to the balcony on the left in the next room. A guard is sitting on a couch there. Sneak up behind the guard and sedate him. Then sneak around the couch, to the balcony and shove the Don over the rail. If you do not sedate the guard, he will wake up.

Now you can simply pick your way through the mansion again and take the elevator down to the hangar, or go through the window, drop down to the ground to the east (make sure the guard there doesn't see you do it) and go down the ramps again. The ramps are faster, but the elevator has the advantage that the guy from the drug lab occasionally is delayed. Worst case he calls the elevator while you are changing. Your best shot is to go down there and wait near the knocked out guard, see the technician appear and leave again, then change. Another insurance is to call the elevator when you are down there, wait until it arrives and then go over change and escape. It usually takes longer to go up and come down again than you need to escape.

Simply run over to the plane there, ignore the guard sitting around, and escape.

Rating: Depending on the method 2 close combat kills or 2 accidents, either way, Silent Assassin.

Time: 12:01

Total Money: 824,000

Curtains Down

Total people in this level: 65 (2 targets, 26 guards, 39 innocent bystanders)

Targets: Alvardo D'Alvade and Richard Delahunt

Reward: $400,000


  1. The content of toolboxes will not be searched when you are frisked.
  2. There is a lift shaft from the backstage area to the stage. It is closely observed and only actors are permitted.
  3. Lead Actors go to their private rooms to rehearse during breaks.
  4. The large chandelier is attached with bolts to the floor of the attic.
  5. Only actors are allowed on stage.
  6. Light Technicians have keycard to Light Control Room.
  7. There is a light rack above the stage that might prove useful.
  8. The prop gun used for the execution in the opera is an exact replica of a real World War 1 Pistol.

Your best choice here is to facilitate two accidents, it incidentally is also the least risky way.

Walk inside and immediately to your left in the wooden booth sits a guard. Walk up in front of him and wait till he is close and the action appears that allows you to chat with him. Talk and you retrieve the real gun from your jacket.

Now step away a bit from that position. To the right of that wooden both you will see two workers, one in white and one in green. Wait until they have finished their conversation (or if you are too close they might never talk) and the green worker goes into the bathroom back there. When the worker is in the room and at the first stalls barrier, enter the bathroom, instantly start sneaking, go behind him and sedate him. Take his clothes and dispose of the body in the hamper to your right. Get out of the bathroom and pickup the tool box, to make you less suspicious.

Now go downstairs and to the right. Follow the corridor and then go through the door on the left side where the painter is working on the door. Follow the stairs down and through the next door. Now this part is a labyrinth, so I mapped the easiest route for you. Turn right (towards west) go down the few steps and instantly turn right again (to the north), to go through the double doors here on the bottom of another small set of steps. Now just to your left is door in the north wall, with a green sign above it and a small plaque to the left saying "E'tape Stage". Go through that door and follow the corridor up the stairs.

You emerge on a landing through a curtain with some clothe racks standing around. Go through the double door and around the corner to your right. In this long corridor you should see a suited up body guard sitting on a chair on the left wall, pretty much at the end of it.

Drop your tool box, you wont need it, then go closer to about the middle of the corridor where there is a large double door to your left. Now wait here until the body guard leaves. When the door on the bathroom behind the guard closes, enter the wardrobe to your right. There are two, one where the guard sits in front, on the left, and one more to the right, a smaller one. That smaller one on the right is the one you want to enter. Inside hide in the closet in front of you. Now wait. This will take a while. If you were fast you can hear them going through the one scene they are rehearsing two more times.

Then they take a break. Delahunt keeps sitting in his chair, forever. D'Alvade goes backstage into his wardrobe. The second actor that plays the executioner, also goes backstage, you are currently hiding in his wardrobe. He will enter and rehears a little. Then he will leave the room to go to the bathroom. Exit the closet, put down the real weapon on the counter to your left, pickup the fake gun, then enter the closet again. Shortly the actor returns, grabs the gun and leaves. You can sneak out just behind him and take the double door on the other side of the corridor a bit to your left.

Inside turn left and go up the metal stairs. On top there is a door in the south wall. Be careful you can fall down here! Go through the door and if you see a guy in there, simply wait until he leaves. Once he is gone, place a mine on the winch in the center here, then climb down the ladder on the south side of this platform. Circle around to the west and go down that hole there. You are standing on some scaffolding, overlooking the whole interior. From here you can see the stage, as things happen and your second target. Behind you a guard shows up once in a while. Since you are in worker garb, you are not suspicious though.

Simply wait (if you were fast it will take a couple minutes at least) until the stage scene happens where your first target gets "accidentally" shot. Your second one, will take a bit to realize what happened and then rush towards the stage. Just when he reaches the center of the floor, under the chandelier, he will stumble. Before he even falls down fully, pull the trigger on the detonator, otherwise he gets up and you miss him. With Delahunt dead as well, you can make your exit.

Climb up on the grid, up the ladder, through the door and then down the stairs. Turn right outside the double doors, take the double door ahead of you and then straight through the curtains. Follow this until you get through another door after the stairs, then take the double door to your left on the other side of the corridor. Turn left and again left and through this door, following it up to the outer area of the opera, where the painter is still working on the door. Go to the bathroom and change into your suit, now make your exit through the front door.

Rating: Silent Assassin, two accidents.

Time: 16:51

Total Money: 1,374,000


Total people in this level: 44 (3 targets, 20 guards, 20 innocent bystanders and the agent you rescue)

Targets: Rudy Menzana, Carmine Desalvo, Lorenzo Lombardo

Reward: 370,000 (if you kill all targets)


  1. Admission papers are required to check-in. Future patients often wait in the park outside.
  2. Troublesome patients are often confined to the medical wing.
  3. The brochure lists some interesting facilities such as a library, a gymnasium and a large spa area.
  4. Therapists occasionally get contacted for private sessions.
  5. Some guests hide stashes of alcohol in quiet places. Let's hope they don't get alcohol poisoning.
  6. Weight lifting can be fatal.
  7. Some guests cheat on the spa's restrict diet by smuggling camping stoves into their rooms. Sounds dangerous!
  8. Deceased patients are taken straight from the medical wing to the morgue.

This is one of the more interesting missions. You are to find Agent Smith. Smith then will tell you who is the real target. The game will randomly give you one of three targets. Once you talked to Smith, you have to kill your main target, but you can also kill the other targets for a 50,000 bonus each. Since it is random, I will describe all three in detail here.

First to make it into the clinic. Run up the path. When the path curves to the left again, you will see a guy standing to your left smoking. Sneak up behind him and grab the admittance papers on the bench next to him. Be fast to that place, but don't run up to the smoker, or he will be alerted. If you are not fast enough a guard will see you steal it, but you should have ample time.

Now walk to the main entrance and enter. Go to the reception (a bit to your right and in front of you, a counter on the left side there). Put the admission papers on the desk with the action you get. Don't even wait for the babble, but simply go through the door on the right, behind the reception, and change into the patients robe there on the floor. Go back out and turn to the double door on your left. The guard will frisk you, wait for that to be completed then enter.

Go through the double door in the western wall of this big entrance room. Here are two doors to your right, take the first one and go down the two flight of stairs. There is an orderly doing his rounds here and a guard running around as well you got to be careful of. If you were very fast, you should see the guard coming towards you in the in long corridor that goes east-west. If he does, go back up and around the corner of one set of stairs. The guard will stop at the end of the corridor, turn around and walk away, this is your cue. Go down again and wait for the orderly to come towards you. Do not stand in the corridor, but look around the corner with the camera. The orderly will go into a corridor to your right close to where you are, follow him. He will enter a door to the left there, wait outside, so whoever is in the room wont see you, as the guy will turn towards the door for a short moment. Now be quick. He will turn around to get coffee, this is your chance. Go and sedate him from behind. Simply run up to him. With him out cold, quickly grab his uniform then drag him out the door you came in and place him in the hamper out there. If you did it right and in time, the guard will be coming down the corridor again about now, but should not have seen you do anything. Getting the orderly is not very easy, this is the hardest part of the whole level.

With your new uniform, go to the eastern end of the corridor, and then up the stairs. Up there use your shiny key from the orderly and unlock the door to your right. You can also climb through the open window here, but that is not really needed with you getting the key from the orderly. In case you don't have the key tough, see that nobody looks in your direction, go through the window and grab the key of the desk immediately to your left. Now go through the door in the back left corner and then take the stairs to your right down. Turn left and it is the second door from the right. Open it go inside and talk to Smith.

After the talk you have to "kill" him, with the action you get (sedate agent) but there is a problem. If you are fast, then there is another orderly on the opposite side of this area. He will see you if you start doing this now. So simply wait until he comes out of the cell he is in and walks away. He will go to your side, but look into the cell with the guy that freaks out, then return to that cell he was in before and repeat that forever. Stand so you get the sedate agent action, then turn the camera so you see that orderly. When he leaves and you can't see him anymore, hit the action button. This way you will not be seen. If you can't see the orderly, he is one cell down and across the hall. If he is not in there, wait until he is and leaves again, then sedate the agent.

Diana calls you and tells you about you having some alternative targets here. You can see them all on the map now. The agent as he is "dead" will be taken automatically from his cell and put into the morgue next to the exit. It will take a while, so by the time you are done cleaning up the targets, he will be waiting for you there.

Exit the cell and go back to where your patients robes are downstairs. Make sure the guard that patrols around, will not see you change or run around in the patients robe. Go back up to the main room, the one just after the Reception desk, as a starting point to take down the other targets.

Look at your photo, the game will hand you one of three possible targets randomly as the main target. Look for the color of the robe and compare below. You only need to kill that one target, but you get bonus money for killing the other two. They are all relatively easy, so if you want some extra cash this is a good way to get some. For Silent Assassin it is not needed to kill all of them.

Lorenzo Lombardo, light blue robe and glasses: He likes to cook, bad idea when a handy assassin is out to get you. Go in the main house to the upper floor. To make it easy use the stairs in the western area, just north of the reception. Not the stairs straight from reception, but the ones further to your left. Up there orient yourself on the map. The room you want to get access to is in the northwest corner with the letter D outside it. Right next to it is a room with the A designation, which is your room. Now simply check if there are two or one guard outside the D room. If there is only one, then nobody is inside the target room. Simply go into your room, and straight out onto the balcony in front of you, then walk around it to your left and you enter your target room. To your right is a gas canister, which gives you a sabotage action if you get close enough. Do so and leave through your room again. Lombardo will eventually come in there, try to cook and blow himself up. Simply ignore this as it will happen automatically and concentrate on some other hit.

Carmine Desalvo, light green robe: From the reception take the door to the right and you get on the right hand side again to an atrium with some exercise equipment in it. Desalvo will come in here and push some weights. Once he has pushed twice, circle around the bench, stand behind the weights (so you are close to his head and the weights go left and right in front of you). He will put the weights back soon, tired and weak in a few more pushes and you will get the drop weights action. Do it instantly or you are too late. Once he is dead walk away. Be careful as there is a guard on your left (if you stare down at the weight bench) that sometimes comes up. Just make sure no one sees you, but that should be the case most of the time. If there is someone, don't do anything, stand away (near the mirror to the left works well) and wait until he comes in again.

Rudy Menzana, purple robe: This guy is a drinker too. Go up the stairs straight from the reception. Up on the next level turn right and through the door. Again turn right and you are in a room overlooking the library (with the globe in it). There is a chain on the right hand wall, that holds up a chandelier. Place a mine on that spot with the action you get. Now go downstairs and stand in the stairway across from the library, so you can see the globe and the chair inside. Menzana will come at one point and sit in that chair. After sitting and doing nothing for a while, he will stand up and go to the globe. He will open it and start to drink. Once the globe is opening a crack, blow the mine and the chandelier will kill him.

With your main target (and possibly more) dead, you have to finish the escape with agent Smith. Go back to the room next to the reception, the small changing room when you came in, and change back into your suit. Leave the clinic and go down the path to the gate. To your right is the guard station and to the left the morgue. An orderly sometimes comes into there, so look out for that guy, or wait until he leaves. Now get close to the dead agent and chose the revive action. With that completed, just go over to the door in the corner and escape. You don't have to wait for the agent to wake up fully, he can make it on his own from here. Until you will have to rescue him again in the next Hitman that is.

Rating: 3 accidents, Silent Assassin.

Time: 10:45

Total Money: 1,894,000

A New Life

Total people in this level: 23 (1 target, 14 guards, 8 innocent bystanders)

Target: Vinnie 'Slugger' Sinistra

Reward: 270,000


  1. Garbage trucks can dispose of all kinds of waste.
  2. The surveillance team have an unhealthy appetite for donuts.
  3. Vinnie has complained about the neighbor's son taking pot shots into the garden with an airgun.
  4. Vinnie lives close to a veterinary surgeon. Sometimes a vet needs to tranquilize wild animals!
  5. Rumor has it that Vinnie's wife flirts with hired staff. But Vinnie trusts her completely.
  6. Some field agents are too nosy in teenage girls' rooms.
  7. A barbecue is being prepared for the party. Be careful with flammable liquids!
  8. Vinnie just bought a very expensive and unusual necklace for his wife.

You have to kill an informant and recover a microfilm. Straight out of a Mafia film this scenario.

Run around the hedge to your left. There is a caterer car parked with the caterer loading up. It is important you run there as you arriving there triggers some routines that make the people go around in the correct timing. Wait until he leaves and the guard on the west side of the house also turns around. Go to the caterer car and drip sedatives onto the donuts. Pick them up and then go across the street to the van parked there that says "Lauritz & co" on the side. Go to the right side back door and you get an action "put down donuts". Do it and some agent comes out and grabs them. Wait about 10 seconds for them to get knocked out, then go inside. The game sometimes shows you exactly how they fall over, in one of those split screens, but not always. Steal the video tape to your left under the donuts then suit up as an FBI agent. Leave the truck and close the doors. Now head over to the house.

You can either first dispatch Vinnie or go for the microfilm. It does not really matter, but it is (timing wise) better to do Vinnie first, then go for the film. The main problem is that you need a lot of things come together for the hit on Vinnie to work out nicely. And that is happening right now.

Walk over to the house. You should see the caterer coming out and walk to his van. He then walks a bit more to the west, turns south and starts to smoke. Avoid him so he wont stop and look at you, breaking or delaying his routine. A bit later the guard that patrols the west side of the garage appears and looks around, then turns and leaves. This is the perfect opportunity. Next to the garage on the right side of the front, is a utility box. Break it with the action you get, then run into the house. Vinnie was just about to get comfy in his chair and a guard will sit down. In the house go instantly to the left where those two are now. Go straight and through the door ahead, and wait inside that tiny space there, keeping the door open to look out. The guard passes you and might uncover you if you are too close. When he passed (is half way from your place to the door) come out and stand behind Vinnie. When the guard is through the door, so you cant see him anymore, even with the doors still open, strangle Vinnie from behind. Put the fiber wire away and look to your right out the window. The guard passes to the utility box and goes out of sight. Now grab Vinnie and drag him to the small room you were hiding in. Don't take his gun or do anything else, your time frame is very narrow here. The door opens to the outside, so don't stand in front but to the side when approaching. With him still in tow, turn inside so Vinnie rests fully inside in the end. The door not closing on you is the worst that can happen. Now exit and close the door. You will hear the TV coming back on, which should be your queue to hurry up or be done.

Now for the Wife. There are a lot of ways to kill her and get the film, but since she is not a target, that will ruin your hitman rating, because in most cases, she is found. So you have to get it a bit differently.

Run to this location as timing is pretty perfect right now. From the TV room, leave through the door the guard left and came in, turn left through those doors then straight through the glass doors to the pool area. Now go straight on the right side turn right and you see the shed. Circle it around the left side. The pool boy should be standing there at the north east corner, facing south. Sneak the last two meters and sedate him. This is if the timing is perfect. If it doesn't work out, let him go, and wait until he returns here again. Nobody will see you there doing this. Now pick the lock, pull the body inside (don't worry none of the guards, not even the one very close to the south see you) and change into his outfit.

Go back to the pool area and find the wife on her way from the house to the barbecue. Get close and wait till she talks to you. She will say "The pool isn't the only thing I need serviced." She beckons you to follow her, so do that. She slowly walks to the house, trough the kitchen and then upstairs. There she goes across the hall to the door into the bedroom. She will make you wait and go into the bathroom. Hide in the closet then wait. She will come out and although not seeing you, saying "I am not in the mood after all, i need a drink." and a bit later "I am not in the mood, go back down, i need a nap." From here count 20 seconds. By the end of that, she is sound asleep on the bed. Exit the closet sneak over to the bed and steal the microfilm from her sleeping body. There you got the microfilm and no harm done.

Time for the escape. You could go and grab your FBI suit, but that is not really needed. Just exit the house thought the front door and go over to the FBI van. Make sure the jogger wont see you enter, nor the caterer or the guard patrolling on the west side of the house, or your Silent Assassin rating goes bye bye here. Grab your suit, make sure you got the tape from the recorder to your left, the exit and go to the gate where you started to escape.

Rating: One close combat kill, Silent Assassin.

Time: 7:59

Total Money: 2,314,000

The Murder of Crows

Total people in this level: 127 (3 targets, 22 guards, 94 innocent bystanders and the congress man). Actually a lot more, but the randomly generated ones out in the street, do not count.

Targets: Mark Purayah Jr., Angelina Mason and Raymond Kulinsky

Reward: 470,000 (70,000 of this is the diamonds)


  1. Walkie Talkies transmit everything - even background sound and music, which could reveal someone's location.
  2. Clubs usually have a back entrance for the staff.
  3. Bookstore walls are like paper - you can overhear what's going on next door.
  4. Clubs in this area are known for having hat-dress codes and music themes.
  5. Some private apartments have a useful view.
  6. Pianos can kill - especially when they are dropped from the sky.
  7. A guy dressed as a yellow bird checked into a hotel room a couple of hours ago.

You get dropped off in a scene where a guy with a red bird costume is talking with someone. Wait till they are done and follow the red bird guy. At one point he will stop in an area. Either the west or the eastern middle part between the buildings.

The eastern one is more desirable, but either works. The rule where he goes is, if he goes out the door and to the right, he will go to the western one. If he goes left, it will be the eastern one. You can run ahead and wait for him in either area if you like, but if he goes left, to the eastern area, simply walk behind him, going ahead wont make a difference.

If he goes in the eastern one (exits to the left) that is the lucky one, as it is easier. If he takes the south entrance, he will stand into the corner and piss, which makes it very easy to sneak up. If he comes through the east entrance, he will stand at the corner to the north entrance and smoke, facing west. So wait for him to stop and sedate him. Sometimes a cop patrols here and catches you, but that is just bad luck. The cop starts out near the east entrance, you can see him standing there on the left side of it, and walk off if you enter the alley here sometimes, this should be the a warning. Usually you can make it still, if barely, but if he spots you, restart the level.

If you get to the west part (exits to the right), he will enter the area from the north, then turn around just after the short alley and face north again to smoke. Your best choice is to run ahead and wait next to the dumpster to the east behind the wall. When you see him turning, sneak up and sedate him. Now there is a dumpster nearby, but a policeman will see you just when you dispose of his body. Better choice here, is drag the body south, in the darker area on the right side of some planter. Its dark enough and out of sight of the police guy. Once the policeman has passed you can dump the body in the dumpster, but I have played it many times with the body just laying there and never had a problem, the body was never found there.

In either case, get his suit and the diamond case, then go on.

Don't let the diamonds lay around while police runs around, they will find it, pick it up and take it away. You can still get it, but it will require you to drug a police man, which is risky. Your best bet is just drag it around with you at all times.

In the northwest area on ground level is a shop where some yellow birds are standing around outside, next to an old books shop. Enter where the yellow bird stands on the left side of the door, in your red bird costume and with the diamond case. Go inside left and up the stairs. Straight ahead is a door. Wait in between the guard and the door until the guard starts moving towards you. Now fast go through the door, to the table on the other end of the room until you get the action to put down the diamonds. Let the guard come in and reach about the couch, then use the action for putting them down. The guard will tell you to get lost, just ignore him and wait for him to leave. He will urn once stop turn around again, wait a bit, then turn and leave. Once he is in the door frame you can strike already. Kill Mark Purayah Jr. Poison or fiber wire him, then drag him to the corner of the room with the freezer and dump his body. If he sits down, just stand behind him and kill him, he doesn't seem to notice you, in the other cases just go up behind him when he doesn't watch you. Now would be a good time to pause, wait for the yellow guard to appear and disappear again. Now grab the walkie talkie and the diamonds. Go to the balcony, aim to the right and high (between the upper windows of the building on the other side is a good spot to aim at) then throw the diamond case (keep the button pressed for a bit to throw far). Don't stand too close to the railing or you will hit it with the case. Now run fast down and collect the diamonds. There are two ways this can go wrong, aside from you not being able to clear the railing with the case. One is one of the yellow guards sees it and picks it up, just let them bring it up and retry. Secondly, a cop might find it and bring it to the area between the two main blocks. The cops you can sedate one and grab his uniform (both middle areas have a cop regularly showing up, just pick the one where you did not stash the courier), but not doing that is preferable as it can screw up the operation.

Time to kill Angelina Mason. Directly south of the building you just were in, is an alley entrance. Go in there then look to the left in the open area. There is some sort of cages you can climb there. You can climb northward until you hit the wall, then walk to the left over a small ridge. Follow the wall up the stairs and then jump across the gap there. Walk over to the winch and place the mine. Go back down. Wait in the alleyway that leads north so you can still see the piano. Do not take out the detonator yet!

It will take a while, Mason runs all over the level. If all in timing is well, she is somewhere in the east compound now, going to the rock bar alley and then coming to your position. Eventually she will show up from the left from your position. Check your back if a police patrol comes, so you don't get seen with the detonator in your hand. She walks to the right and stops under the piano, then turns. When she starts to turn, pull the trigger on the detonator. With the piano flattening her, time for the last guy.

Kulinsky can be in one of 3 locations. The Salsa bar (most common), the rock bar or the blues bar. You should always kill him while he is inside here. If you do it outside you most likely will be spotted doing so.

Salsa Bar: Located in the far east. This is the most common. The problem is, if you enter the bar you will raise an alarm. Even if you sneak in, nobody will like you and there will be shooting. You need a disguise or use an alternative trick. In the alley to the north of the bar is a waiter that stands at the opening and smokes, then walks back to the kitchen. You can sedate him, grab his outfit and stash him in the dumpster. That works mostly, but I found a almost as elegant solution. When he goes back into the kitchen, he opens the door nicely for you, just wait until he is inside, then run up the stairs quickly, to your left, before the cook sees you. If he does, he will follow you, again no problem. Just open the door, close it behind you, then immediately go to your right and pick the lock on the door there. By the time you are done, the cook will have lost interest and gone. Now kill Kulinsky while he is inside.

Blues Bar: Located in the southwest. You can't enter the bar straight, you will be attacked otherwise. Go into the alley to the east of it and then circle around it until you get to a door leading into the building on its western wall. Enter, jump down the ramp and go up the stairs into the main room. Now walk around the main room to the left and enter the left door. This is the kitchen. If you use the left door, run in and use the door straight in front of you, the cook shouldn't notice you. Now up these stairs is a couple kissing. Sneak up the first flight then throw a coin up there. Go back down and hide in the closet there. Watch them come down and disappear. It will take a while as they look around confused and then slowly come down, just be patient. Once they passed listen for the door to close then exit the closet. Go up to the door. Look through the key hole to make sure that Kulinsky isn't looking at you. Pick the lock, go in and kill him by either poison or fibrewire when he is standing still. You can leave through the door on the right in front of the balcony door (east) and drop down the fire stairs. Just make sure nobody sees you doing so.

Rock Bar: Located in the north east. Go into the alley here, to the west of the entrance. There are two guys in here usually. One is a waiter that smokes and then leaves, just let him go. The other is a drunk guy that comes in there for a piss. Wait until he starts pissing, then climb up the eastern wall on the cage. Climb higher and follow the wall south again to the window. Enter then go down the stairs. Go straight pass the bar and into the dancing area. Here turn left and go through the door to your left here. There is a queue in front of the bath room, ignore them and go to the door a bit to your right and ahead that needs picking. Now if there is a cook standing to the right of it, and another waiter type guy around here, just wait. The waiter will pick up garbage and leave, the cook go to the left to a freezer, with his back to you. If the guy is already at the freezer, just pick the lock now and go through the door. Go up the stairs. On top pass through the first door then spy through the door on your right. Kulinsky here goes to the balcony (door you see in the back) and sometimes stands a bit to the right of it. When he is inside, he looks in your direction so entering is not an option then. Simply wait for him to turn around and go towards the balcony, then go in. Sneak up behind him and kill him with fibrewire or poison when he is back inside. To exit, simply turn in front of the balcony right and go through the door, and the one behind that. Go down the fire stairs and drop to the floor.

If you stashed the diamonds somewhere, grab them now, change back into your suit (remember you left it in one of the two middle areas) and make sure you are not seen doing that. Then leave the level with the diamonds in your hand.

Rating: 1 Accident, 2 close combat kills, Silent Assassin.

Total Money: 2,934,000

Time: 12:19

You better watch out...

Total people in this level: 98 (2 targets, 38 guards, 58 innocent bystanders)

Targets: Lorne De Haviland, Chad Bingham Jr.

Reward: 470,000


  1. Don't expect any presents this year - Santa drinks too much.
  2. The bartender knows how to help improve performance in the grottos!
  3. Waiters often shower in the staff changing room.
  4. Even small, annoying Dogs eat sausages.
  5. The glass-bottomed outdoor jacuzzi looks down in the pier 70 feet below.
  6. Among the high society, spiked drinks are all the rage.
  7. Heavy light rigs are installed in the Photo Studio.
  8. Lorne recently hired a former US Airforce helicopter pilot.

You are to kill a porn tycoon in his mansion, a son of a senator that got caught on tape and retrieve said tape. Your best approach is to grab a uniform of a guard for the best effect. You can also play Santa, which will be your best choice at the start.

Run straight ahead, then squeeze yourself through between guard and wall to the elevator, call it get in and ride up. If you do this fast you will ride alone which is good but also it will make the next events better timed.

Now comes a bit a tricky part. Go straight to the end of the balcony, close to the right hand wall. It looks a bit less thick here. Keep going forward against the balcony railing and 47 will climb over it. On the other side instantly start sneaking (so you crouch down) and wont be seen by guards. Look through the door next to you and wait for the drunken santa to appear. When he is with his back to you, get out and sedate him. Grab his suit, now you can go pretty much anywhere on the lower area. Don't worry about Santa, he wont be found here.

Go through the door the Santa wanted to go through and you are in the kitchen. Go through the door in the east wall. Immediately to your left here is a shelf with aphrodisiac on it. Grab it and then turn right and go through that door. Follow the left wall until you go twice to the left and hit the bar.

If you can't see a Martini glass (cone shaped) on the counter, wait. A waiter in white will come along and place one on the counter. Go up to it and spike it with the action (adding aphrodisiac). Now this will take a long time. The waiter has to come back, grab the drink, bring it to Chad out at the pool, he has to drink it, a girl has to come up to him and they have to go to the grotto for some action. This will take very long, time to finish of some competition and grab another disguise.

Go between the guards to your right (towards north), then follow the corridor, pass the next guards and turn to your right. Go through the door in the east wall here, turn left go north, then turn right before the small indoor waterfall. Go through the double doors here. You should see a couple making out in the corridor. Go towards them and they break up. The woman though gives you a sign to follow her. Do so and enter the room with her. A small cutscene comes up. As soon as that is done, you have to react lightning fast. Take out the poison syringe, circle behind her, and poison her. She is an assassin sent by "The Franchise", you will encounter another one later in the game. No need to stash her, nobody comes in here.

If your timing was right, there should be a guard to your left, in an all black suit. That's the outfit you want, so lets get it. He will walk past you and through a door to the south (left wall) with some stairs leading west and up. Sedate him when he goes past the door you just came out of after killing the assassin. Drag him into the room with the wanna be assassin and change into his suit. You could grab him in other locations, but he will be found then.

Go back to the pool area, and you should be in time to watch Chad drink his spiked Martini and grab a girl. If not check the map where they are. Follow them back to where you just were, just keep your distance so they keep moving. They will settle into the eastern bedroom here. Just let them go inside, let the door close, then go there and open it. Step into the room a little, Chad will get up. Now get out again, and walk back towards where you came from a bit, to the corner of that corridor. The girl will come towards you, while Chad will walk to your right (south) to the door there with stairs leading down. Follow him at a safe distance.

When he reaches the landing above the last set of stairs with the flickering light below, get close to him and push him down the stairs. It might take a couple of tries, he might even turn towards you, but eventually, he will tumble down. Check if he is really dead. Sometimes he just gets stunned. If that happens, drag him down the stairs, then throw him over the left side of the balcony. That will do the trick.

Time to go for the old man. Go up the stairs, follow the corridor. In the last bit, don't go left towards the pool, but through the right door into the VIP area. Here go north west to a door with two black guards. Go through the door and you found the elevator. Enter and ride up to the Studio.

Exit and turn left through the double doors into the studio. Turn right, follow this wall south and take the next door to your right (towards west). On the first table to your right is the tape on a corner. Get into position next to it (between the desks), so you get the action for picking it up. Now wait. The guard in there will go to the north east corner of this room, thats the best moment to get it. Watch him with your camera view and make sure no other guard that might come in there sees you doing it.

Haviland has a nice accident waiting for him. Go back to the studio, and pretty much in front of you is a ladder. Climb it. Go to the eastern side of this scaffolding and then to the third beam from the front (where all the people are). You get an action for placing the bomb here, do so. Go back to the ladder and climb down. Stand to the east of the graveyard scene, between the large tombstone and the smoke machine. Wait for Haviland to come back to the studio. Once he stops walking, and looks to the front, blow the charge immediately. The lights come down and crush him.

Now take the elevator down to the 1st floor. Remember where you left your suit? Make your way through the VIP area, towards the bar. Walk along the right hand wall until you come to a door and some stairs up to the left of it. Go through that door, then left through the next door. You are in the kitchen. Your suit is in the western area behind a door leading south. Change int your suit, go back through the kitchen, the door in the east, turn right and exit the door. Go straight and go outside through the door on your right. On your right hand side is the elevator, take it down to the pier. Go to the yacht, and escape.

Rating: One close combat kill and 4 accidents (some models died in the accident with Haviland). This does not affect your rating though. It will proudly state Silent Assassin.

Total Money: 3,554,000

Death on the Mississippi

Total people in this level: 109 (7 targets, 18 guards, 84 innocent bystanders)

Targets: Skip Muldoon and six of his gator gang.

Reward: 470,000


  1. The engine room is off limits to passengers - the furnace is a dangerous workplace.
  2. Man over board - the wild waters of the river will cause certain death.
  3. The captain's cake is being prepared in the galley in the rear of the 4th deck.
  4. Only 1st Class Pursers are allowed in the Gators Private area.
  5. The lower class kitchen prepares food for both, the tourists on board as well as the Gators on the top deck. Extra flavor could be added.
  6. The boss has received some heavy duty hunting gear from a business alliance. The present is kept secure at the staff quarters.

A real killing spree this one. Seven people got to die and you have to retrieve some information.

The first gator member is a little too much in the open, so lets take care of that and a witness in one stroke. Wait until you see the gator (guy with a baseball cap that doesn't look like the white sailors) starting to come down the stairs to your right. Now go to the left of you (east side of the ship) and you will find a utility box there under a light, next to a life saver with Emily written on it. Break it. Turn left and there is some stairs and a sailor standing up on it. He will come down to check the lights. To your left are some crates. You can simply climb them up for a short cut while the light is out. While the guy goes downstairs, climb the boxes and enter the the door to your right.

You will find a bottle to your right in front of a radio. Put sedative in it. If you are too fast, the gator will see you on the stairs or when you put sedative in the bottle. Make sure he is past you and cant see you up there before doing so. Grab the engine room key to your left and then hide in the left closet (western wall). Now simply wait. You will see the light flicker on soon and then a bit later a sailor coming in and drink from the bottle. He will colapse and you got yourself a new disguise. Grab it then turn of the light so nobody will see him. While you do so, a sailor in the front of the boat might see you. It is a good idea to drag him further into the back after turning the lights off, then grab his clothes.

Go across the small bridge here to the other side and down the stairs. Under the stairs is a door to the engine room. Unlock the door to the engine room. There are three people in here. One engineer at the engine, shoveling. He is oblivious to anything, just ignore him. Another engineer walks up and down on the left side, he should not see you. Do not come close to him or he will blow your cover. And the gator, who will lean on the railing in the back on the right side. Avoid the engineer on the left and push the gator over the railing when the engineer doesn't see you. The engineer wandering will also lean on the rail, on the other side. You can kill him later when exiting, for now go through the door on the other side of the engine room (south).

Turn either side, go out the door and then up the stairs in front of you. Follow the corridor and turn at the first opportunity, you are on the crew deck. Go straight until it ends with a closet in front, turn right and through the door. Go up these stairs, to your left and then look down the corridor to your right. This long corridor should have one gator making out with a passenger. Get close and then back off again. They brake up and leave. Now go through the door in the western wall here to the outside. To describe it a bit better, when you came up the stairs and turn left, there is a door on the other side of the ship. That is the door you need to exit through now.

Hang around out here now. To your left is the big wheel of one side. Some sailors patrol around here and a fat woman will come and stare over the railing once in a while. After a couple minutes, the gator will come out here, after having some fun in the cabin and look over the railing and have a smoke. If the fat lady is here, wait until she is through the door. Then check to your right to the fton of the ship, sometimes a sailor comes that way. If he comes in your direction, wait until he is close around the corner, so the corner hides you from him (and hides the gator as well), then sneak up behind him and push him off.

The rest is on higher levels. Getting there and getting them good is another small problem. From where you just disposed off the second gator, you can go over the railing and around the big wheel. When you arrive on the other side, there is some white lattice work that lets you climb up. Be careful, as a sailor comes out the door on your current level often and a gator goes his rounds on the upper level. He usually comes from your right and goes through the door, into the kitchen behind it, stops then comes out again. So best is to stand near the wheel, wait for the gator to come along and when he enters the kitchen and the coast on your level is clear, climb up.

Shortly after the gator comes out. Follow him, sneaking, and he will go to the south end and a bit to the west of the ship. There he stops, leans on the railing and has a smoke. Perfect time to sneak up and push him over.

Behind you is an ICA drop box. If you gotten any firearms, equip it now, then store the weapon with the action button in there. You wont need any.

Go back to the kitchen. Stay near the door and wait till the guy in there starts walking away from your position to the back of the kitchen. Go and sedate him in that moment. Take his outfit and stash the body in the freezer.

Ignore the cake for the moment, lets clean up with the gators first.

Exit the kitchen and walk around and up the stairs. Go to the door with the guard there, he is one of the gators. Let him frisk you then enter. The door on your left here is the bathroom, you will go back there in a bit. Go straight and through the door in front of you. Here you find another gator to your left, watching TV. Stand behind the billiard table and wait until he goes to the bathroom. If he isn't there right now, just wait longer until he is back and goes again. Don't follow until he is through the door to the small corridor. If you follow sooner he will stand and wait. Inside the bathroom, sneak up, fiberwire him from behind while he has a piss. Turn off the lights and exit.

Go to the right and into the open air again. Stand to the southwest, so you can see the left side of the boat as well as the door and the guard. Wait a while and a purser will come with a tray of something brown. The guy goes straight into the door. Now check the left side, if the last gator in the green shirt is far away. If so, sneak up to the gator with the shotgun that guards the door and fibrewire him. Best is when he stands with his back to the west and leans on one hand against the wall. Drag him into the bathroom and close the door. To make things a bit smoother still, grab the shotgun when no one sees you and drop it in the bathroom. If the other gator comes earlier, just wait. He will take the shotgun and put it the the left side somewhere, then return. A guard from the lower deck will come up and pick the shotgun, then leave. Wait until the guard is gone before you proceed here, if you did not get rid of the shotgun.

The guy in the green shirt will stand close to the door at one point. He might then go through and into the main room, or to the left. Either way, fibre wire him, before he reaches the big room or before he goes around the corner to the western side. Drag him into the bathroom, your own personal graveyard.

Now you got rid of all the annoying gators. The last step is a lot easier now, as Skip will not be discovered. Go down one level to the kitchen again. Poison the cake to your left, pick it up and go back up. Go through the now unguarded door, into the billiard room and then through the door on the far side. Make sure the door is closed behind you, then go to the desk and put the cake down, by using the action the game gives you when close. Stand back and watch Skip try the cake and keel over shortly after. Go to the room to the left (west) and turn to your right. On the eastern wall here is a safe. Open it, take the package and you are good.

Now make your way back down to the room where you changed into the sailor uniform. You can go through the interiors, nobody really cares or gives you troubles because you are a first class purser.

Once there, change into your suit, then go to the lower door for the engine room. Make sure no guards see you enter, then go inside. There are two engineers in here. The one shoveling you can ignore, he will do the same with you as long as you don't get too close. The second one on the left side, you will have to dispatch by pushing him over the rail in the back left area. Now go to the south end door.

Peek through the key hole. There often is a guard on that side. He will go out the left door in the area he is in (east), circle around the back of the boat and enter again through the right door (west). To make it a bit trickier, an engineer might come here too. Avoid him or push him over the railing into the engine. Then avoid the guard and make it to the center of the back of the ship.

This can be a bit tricky. The game wants to be exactly in the center for you to be able to use the escape option. So don't give up and keep hammering the action button so you can escape for sure.

Rating: 3 close combat kills, 5 accidents, Silent Assassin.

Time: 20:21

Total Money: 4,174,000

Till Death Do Us Part

Total people in this level: 101 (2 targets, 31 guards, 67 innocent bystanders and the bride)

Targets: 'Pappy' Leblanc and Buddy Muldoon

Reward: 500,000


  1. Guns and shooting in outdoor areas don't make Rednecks panic.
  2. The water is home to alligators.
  3. The Priest rings the Wedding Bell to announce the ceremony.
  4. The Father's recently deceased brother is buried at the family graveyard.
  5. The Groom can't keep himself away from the whipped cream on the wedding cake.

A wedding, romantic. Not quiet. You are to kill the groom and the father, but keep the bride alive. As long as you don't shoot her or blow something up with her close by you are fine in that regard.

Go along the railing and between the buildings to the large open area. Here to your left is a guy walking unsteady and puking. Watch the fellow go over a small bridge into a shack thats pretty bad in shape. Once he is inside, he will sit down and fall asleep. Get close to him, grab his invitation, his six shooter and his clothes. He does not seem to wake up from that.

Now head over to the mansion. You need a guard outfit to finish the job. Inside the mansion, stay on this level, go to the back of the stairs on the left side, turn left and enter the door with the sign washrooms. Check the single stall on the right side if there is someone in there. If so let them leave. Now pick the lock of the door next to the stall, or in other terms, on the other side of the door you came in through. Go in, close the door behind you and go to the next door that is in the west wall.

Now timing is very important here. Behind this door, 'Pappy' Leblanc will come along and go from the greenhouse to the west through the door in the north of that next room. Also in there is a guard, sitting on a chair. When Leblanc is through the door, the guard will get up and go to the west, towards the greenhouse. Watch through the keyhole or on your map until Leblanc is gone, then watch the guard get up and with his back to you, go through the door. Get to him from behind, sedate him, grab his outfit and shotgun, then drag him to the cupboard like space that goes off the corridor to the south. Close the door to ensure he is hidden, then go through the door into the open where Leblanc went through to the outside.

Make your way over the planks to your left to the graveyard where Leblanc stands in front of a grave. If you are fast he wont even be there yet but still on his way. Wait until he starts talking to the grave, then sneak up and push him in. Usually nobody is looking at that point anyways, but look around just to be sure.

Now go back to the mansion, enter through the door you left the building through. Now take the second door on your left, that is not the same that leads to the washrooms! In here, there is a guard and to your right (south area) are stairs. Take them up, then the next flight again to the attic. Go to about the center of the attic in the north and you will find a small winch in the floorboards. Put a bomb here when you get the action. Now go downstairs one level and follow the corridor to the right. Here go through the door and then through the big doors on your left. You are now on the second level, looking down at the big dining room. There is a piano in the western area.

Wait on the eastern side (or walk around like the guard here) and the groom will come into the room after a bit. His routine is usually to go outside, shoot in the air, go into the kitchen then come to the main room. He will stand in front of the piano and look down to play a couple of notes to get everyones attention. When he looks down, make sure you are not in sight of the guard, turn away from the room downstairs and blow the charge. It will kill the groom and only him.

Go through the doors you came into this room and down the big stairs. Exit through the front doors right in front of you and go across the lawn to the shack where your suit is still waiting for you. Go around the shack to the point you started out in and escape.

Rating: 2 accidents, Silent Assassin

Time: 8:09

Total money: 4,824,000

A house of cards

Total people in this level: 129 (3 targets, 23 casino guards, 16 sheik guards, 87 innocent bystanders )

Targets: Sheikh Mohammad Faisal Al-Khalifa, Hendrik Schmutz, Tariq Abdul Lateef

Reward: 675,000


  1. It would be wise to check in at the reception as one of the first things you do at the Casino.
  2. Security is very tight in high profile casinos, so staff have keycards which only provide access to the floors they work on.
  3. As requested, we have left an Agency Pickup in your hotel room, #701.
  4. The casino has strict fire-safety procedures. Easily accessible fire alarms are located on the top floors.
  5. It's important to find good vantage points. Room balconies may provide this.
  6. The VIP Lounge has been reserved all day by the Sheikh - only waiters are allowed in this area.
  7. There is no cell phone coverage inside the casino to prevent cheating. Anyone receiving a call has to step outside.
  8. The items used in the trade are carried around in an ordinary looking suitcase so they don't catch too much attention.

Welcome to Vegas. You have three targets to eliminate, and you can make a big buck if you escape with the diamonds from the exchange. The first two are probably the easiest hits you have ever had.

Just go into the hotel into the big lobby. Go up the stairs here to the north and enter the left elevator. You cant use it but that doesn't matter. Wait for the doors to close then get up into the hatch. Take out the fibre wire, so you have it in your hand, then wait.

After a while the scientist will arrive and take the elevator you are hiding in. Once the door is closed and you are close to the hatch you get the strangle action. Not only will you kill the target but effectively hide the body. Grab the keycard from him and the suitcase (these are the diamonds). Stash them up on the elevator as well, so nobody takes them away.

Now exit this elevator and enter the right elevator. Again wait for the doors to close and climb up the hatch and take out your fibrewire again. Now this will take a long while. Schmutz is around that time in the bar area. He will walk around there a little, go to the bathroom, back to the bar and then finally come to the elevator you are in. Once he is inside and the door has closed (the elevator moving is a good giveaway) strangle him. Grab his keycard but do not get his gun!

Exit the elevator, you should be on the 7th floor now. Turn left follow the corridor, turn right. Go straight and at the end of the hall left. Go all the way to the end of the corridor and enter the suite there. In front of you is Schmutz suitcase. Grab it then go back to the elevator.

I recommend using the left elevator here now. Ride up the the 8th floor, thanks to the scientists key card. Exit and turn right. Take the next to the left (west) and go to the wall in front of you with the fire alarm on it. By now the sheik should be in position in the lounge. He should be sitting there against the western wall, facing east. If he is not there yet, wait until he is.

Now pull the fire alarm and then work quickly.

Run to the right and follow the corridor. Three guards (two and one) should come your way and pass you. Ignore them but make sure they are past, which they should. Enter the suite in the northwest corner here with the keycard from the scientist. Enter, turn left walk towards the outside wall and then turn left again. Go through the door next to the balcony door. In the bedroom now, there is a table to your right wiht a cell phone on it. Get close to it so you get the "Redial Sheik" action. Do it and mostly you get a small video showing the Sheik getting up. If not, do it a couple more times, just to be sure, then get out of the suite. Run back to the elevator, but just before you get to it, start to walk. Turn around, take the left elevator and go down to the lobby.

Now run again. Go down to the lounge, by going down the stairs on the right side, through the door on the right and then immediately left and straight through the door to the north. You are in the bar area. Go towards the lounge, there are two guards there. Let them frisk you then head through to the door straight ahead of you with the exit sign above it.

Climb the stairs here until you meet the sheik. He will be most likely on his way down already. You can poison or fibrewire him or shove him down the stairs. If you shove him, make sure he is dead. Check the objectives or your map. If he is not a circle with a cross on it, he is still alive, just knocked out. In that case just stand over him and administer some poison to finish him off.

Some employee goes here too once in a while, so now you need to make a fast exit. Go downstairs, through the lounge and bar, take the door going south (don't go into the casino, or you will be on CCTV) and take the next to the right and up the stairs. Go to the left elevator, let the doors close and climb up. Grab the diamonds.

Go back out, down the first stairs and down the second stairs but this time on the left. Hug the left side wall and exit through the escape exit here.

Rating: 3 close combat kills, 2 accidents, Silent Assassin

Time: 11:52

Total money: 5,649,000

A dance with the devil

Total people in this level: 123 (4 targets, 6 night watch, 28 guards, 85 innocent bystanders)

Targets: Eve, John Maynard, Anthony Martinez, Vaana Ketlyn

Reward: 570,000


  1. Trailers arrived earlier with decorations for the parties.
  2. Information about who is trying to kill you might be found on a laptop on the top floor.
  3. Don't go for a swim in the shark tanks at the Hell Party.
  4. Be careful playing with pyrotechnics - they could kill someone.
  5. Bartenders are usually well informed.
  6. Look out for the singer at the heaven party. Looks can be deceiving.
  7. The devil is never to be trusted.
  8. There is a food elevator which might be used to transport more than just food.

One of the most profilic missions, but also one of the easiest ones. You might have seen those very scantly clad angels or the red devil with the inverted white cross, this is the level they appear in. The actual goal is to eliminate two people, but you also will come across two more assassins. And of course some information has to be gotten. Diana even warns you of the assassins, telling you to eliminate the targets and anyone who targets you.

Enter the lobby straight ahead of you (about in the middle are automatic sliding doors). Go up to the desk and talk to the guy there. He goes to a door in the wall to your left, follow him at a distance. Once he goes through the second door, run up behind him and sedate him inside the smaller back room. Grab his uniform, do not get any weapons though! Make sure the guy is only in the back room and the door is closed.

This should not have taken long, and time is of importance here. Go through the door in the northeast corner of the lobby and down the stairs. You should meet another guard here, just ignore him. On the bottom go through the doors and into the garage. Now make your way to the north east corner. There are some vans parked here and one, where the back is open has a heaven costume behind it. Change into that from your guard outfit. As long as you stay close to the van you shouldn't be seen. Now go to the elevators and take the right one. Let them frisk you, then enter the elevator and go to the top floor.

You arrive at the heaven party. Go straight out of the elevator and through the door ahead of you into the big room with the stage. To your left in the back of the room is a bar. You don't have to, but you can talk to the bartender, getting to know a bit about the singer. The stage show starts soon and Eve steps up and starts singing. She is a bad singer. Stay in front of the stage but on the left side. Once she is done, she comes down the stage and around the pillar there to the space between bar and stage. Stand close to her (don't go backstage though) and she will talk to you. Now follow her.

She leads you back through the double doors towards the elevator, then to the left through a door with a guard and then to the right into a big office. As soon as you are through that door and essentially inside the door of the office (so they could close) while she is still with her back to you, pull out your poison and kill her. She is just another assassin, so she wont do anything to slim your rating down, but rather be positive for you. If you wait too long she will attack you with her knifes. Or if you stand too close, a cinematic will show you a very unpleasant ending for 47. Make sure the door closes behind you and pull her away from it a bit so when you leave later nobody will see the body straight away. Don't bother hiding her, you are the only one coming in here.

Run to the big desk and look at the laptop. Use your action you get when you stand facing the screen and you got the information you came for. Grab the rifle case on the side of the desk, it contains the dragunov that will come in handy downstairs. With the case, go to the elevator (nobody will bother you) go inside and let the doors close on their own. Now climb the hatch, set down the case and pull out your fiber wire. Wait.

The CIA Agent will appear in the not too distant future and get into the elevator. You will get two warnings, the first is a small side video where you will see the agent talk to some woman, this is shortly before he goes to the elevator. By now you should be in the elevator. Then a second small movie shows you how he enters the elevator. Once the door is closed, strangle him from above with the action. Grab his suit and your case you brought with you. Do not go down in the car (he has an F2000 in his case) but keep your case you brought with you. Also if you go down into the car while it is moving, some glitch makes you die, so don't do that. Once you are on the bottom of your ride, don't go down, or exit the elevator, but you can switch to the second elevator by going over the roofs. Drop into the elevator on the other side and ride it down to the basement.

Exit and walk to the left through the door. At first you want to avoid your second target. If she sees you too close, she might uncover you and raise the alarm. Let her go towards the back stage part then go forward from the door you just entered. Go around the corner to your right and in the far left corner you see a bar with a red painted bartender. Get close to him and a dialog starts. He wants to duel you.

Turn around and go through the door in the right wall (opposite the staircase to the dance floor). Enter and walk until you come to the door with the torture room sign above it. When your duel partner arrives he will open the door, walk in then.

Now the duel starts. Unpack your dragunov and take cover behind the pillar to your right. Ignore the weapons in front of you. Your opponent is on the other side of the room, shooting at you. But he is also behind a pillar and you cant really hit him, at least not fatally. After a few tries, he will change position to your right. Still hide behind the pillar and wait until he has emptied a mag on you. He destroys the wall next to you which gives you a great view of him. Go into the scope of the dragunov and wait for him to reload again. Now go around the pillar to your right and aim for his head. One shot should do the trick. If he starts shooting before you can line up the shot, just step behind the pillar again and retry on the next reload. If you want to keep the rifle (for collecting) you can, simply put it back in the case, you can deposit it later when we grab the videotape. You can also grab the assassins MP5 and pocket it and you need to get the key off of him in order to get out of this room. Just walk to the right where a gate has just opened and then over to his corpse. Get the key from him and then leave the room.

Once out check where your target is. You want to avoid her still. She goes to the area in front of the torture room, to the dance floor or a "throne room" in the north pretty often. Which ever place she goes, let her go there and make your way backstage. From the bar turn right and go through the door straight ahead. Turn right again and there is the door in the right wall where she comes out for her pyro show. To the left of that door is the pyro controls.

Often you have two guards here, one in the corner and one walking to the pyro station. When both are around the corner and gone, sabotage the pyrotechnics. Sometimes there is no time to sabotage it, then just retreat to the north area here and wait until Vaana has left again and retry. Once you successfully rigged the show, you can leave, she will burn herself to a crisp.

Leave the party by the elevator up to the ground level. Exit then go to the left and up the ramp to the left again.

You got caught on tape coming into the lobby. On the left side at the top of the ramp is a guard post. As long as the guards around it are not looking, you can steal the tap pretty much under the nose of the guard sitting there in the CIA Agent disguise. One guard will often stand to the south of it looking east, the other guard sitting inside there, just does that, sit there, doing nothing. He will not see you take the tape. Occasionally another guard comes out the main door of the building and comes over to here. He might see you grab the tape, so check your back before taking it.

Behind you, just outside the building, is a drop off. You could unpack the rifle next to it and store it there to add it to your collection. Either way, drop it there if you still carry it.

To make this flawless, you need your suit that is in the back room. Problem is, there are two more guards in the way of the exit. The easy way out is to sedate the guard that goes down the stairs and stands on the upper parking deck, then change, and run down the stairs from where the guard stood and run to the van. The guard in the lower area might be alerted by you, but it does not count as a witness and if you run fast, and escape quickly, he wont open fire. It counts as flawless and you get silent assassin. The better way is to change, then hide in the closet below the staircase after the lobby. The guard will pass you at one point, going upstairs again. Wait three seconds after he passed you then go through the door. If you time it right, he shouldn't have noticed you. Now wait for the guard in the lower parking deck to walk away from you and sneak (or run) to the van to escape.

Rating: 1 shot fired, 1 shot hit, 2 close combat kills, 1 accident, 1 headshot, Silent Assassin.

Time: 17:51

Total money: 6,369,000

Amendment XXV

Total people in this level: 74 (2 targets, 42 guards, 30 innocent)

Targets: Mark Parchezzi III. and Daniel Morris

Reward: 400,000


  1. The guards here will open fire if weapons are detected by the metal detectors.
  2. Any confiscated weapons at the museum entrance will be stored away by security.
  3. The White House is surrounded by an iron gate - which varies in height.
  4. Guards will respond if the laser alarm system in the Museum is triggered.
  5. The 1st lady has a dog, which is regularly taken out for a walk in the backyard.
  6. The oval office has been the setting for many historical meetings.
  7. Carpenters working in the main building have put up scaffolds for renovation purposes.

An attack on the whitehouse, great. This might be a bit frustrating for some. Don't let it frustrate you.

Before you start the mission, spend some of that cash. In essence buy all the upgrades for your sniper rifle. You will only need a few of the top ones, but buying them all, starting with upgrade 1 to the last one, will ensure you got the right ones when done. Also buy from the misc upgrades the foil padded case for the rifle. This will allow it to go through the scanner undetected. Of course select the rifle as well and then off you go.

Speed is important for this whole process, until you have the vice president in a box. So be quick about what you do. Run to the door on your left, go to the machine in front of you and put the case on there with the action button. Run through the detector (ignore your case) and to the door on your left behind the rope barrier. Inside close the door then circle your victim to sedate him. This sounds easy but it is very hard. You have to get the 'knack' for it, as this is the hardest part. If you get this right, the rest is very easy. You have to be very very fast to do this. Stash him behind the door, after you got his clothes leave. Ignore your case still.

Go straight ahead, from the bathroom (right before the double door when you come from the xray machine) then take the second door on your left, it leads outside. Here a guard is on patrol. Sedate him, drag him in the far corner behind the bush and structure there and take his clothes.

Enter the door again through which you came, turn right and go through the door ahead, you are in the room with the xray machine again Grab your case off the machine now. Go through the double door to your right (or straight from the xray machine). Take the first door left. On your left is a guard on a desk and behind a screen a second one facing away. Here on the desk in front of you is a key card, grab it. Also if you go to the left end of that desk, you can get the videotape (you will get caught on it later if you don't take it now).

Exit again, turn left and through the door. Head on through the next one and you are in a long corridor. Follow it to the end and use the keycard reader to its right side. Go through the door and follow the corridor and stairs upwards to the door. Enter and immediately take the big door to your right.

Go through the middle of the three big doors to your left here. The first lady is standing in there with her dog. Ignore her and run to your right, open the doors (they open towards you, so give them some space) then through the doors behind that. If the vice president is in here, you were too slow. If he isn't in here, go through the doors on the opposite wall here (doesn't matter which one) into the office of the vice president. Kill him by poison syringe from behind in this room. Grab the keycard from him. You don't need anything else though. Drag him to the room you just were in, there is a crate on the right side. Stuff the vice president in there and close the lid. The first lady might appear soon, which is your limiting factor here. With the VP out of sight, time for the next target.

Go back to the office where the first lady was, ignore her, and exit through the big doors you came in here before. If you try other doors she might see you picking a lock. Turn left, go through the big doors at the end of the hall and then up the stairs.

Take the first door on the right here. The whole room is covered in white sheets. On the wall to your right is a carpenters outfit. A marine guard patrols through here. Wait until he has left the room then change. To your left (if your are facing the bench the disguise was on) is an open window with scaffolding. Step out on to it and climb down.

Make your way across the roof to the other side. You will find a roundish building top here. Stash the rifle case behind it (closer to the scaffolding) to the left. A secret service agent comes up here once in a while, but if you put it there, he wont find it. Then use your card on the reader that is next to a door in the buildings wall.

Inside take the first door left (behind a screen) and go left again. Wait for the secret service agent to wake up and leave. Wait till the door is closed, then change into the Secret Service outfit on the table, just left of the door when you come in.

Now it gets a bit complicated. You want to make your way through the offices downstairs. You will in a bit come up here again, so this is a scouting expedition. Just go back to the corridor where the screen is and the door you entered from outside to your right. Follow the corridor to your left. Make your way through the cubicles to the other side of the room, turn right and go through the door there. Go downstairs and through the door. Look closely at this door now so you know where you need to go in a bit again.

Turn left and at the end of the cubicles right. Then again take a turn left and go through the door to your right (entering the oval office). It should not be hard to find this place on the level, since this is where the last target is located.

After the little cinematic, Parcezzi is fleeing. Relax, there is no need to hurry. Just go through the door to your right, and follow the corridors and doors until you get back to the big room with the cubicles. Go around them to your right (through them takes longer) and go up the stairs again. Here turn left, pass through the cubicles to the other side, turn left and through the door in the wall to the outside world.

Remember you stashed your sniper rifle case behind the round structure in front of you? Go there, get it and assemble the sniper rifle. Now go a bit to the left, but not around the corner yet, and not too close to the fence here either (so nobody sees you from below). Aim towards the scaffolding and zoom in. Parchezzi is hiding behind the structures over there and you can kill him with a good headshot through the fences. He wont even shoot back if you don't go around the corner.

Go to your rifle case, chose the pickup option and 47 will disassemble and pack up the rifle.

Go over to the scaffolding, climb it to the top and enter the room (make sure the guard is not in there or has its back to you). Go through the door in the left wall, then downstairs here. Go through the big double doors ahead, and walk a bit forward. Go through the double doors facing you a bit to the left side of you though. Turn left and go through that single door there. Follow the corridor, pass through the first door set, then through 3 more double doors, always going straight. You should be back at the entrance with the xray machine. Enter the bathroom to your right, switch back into your suit, drop all handguns you might have accumulated, and make sure you have your rifle case. Leave the bathroom, walk outside and to the gate. Escape into the night.

Rating: 1 shot fired, 1 shot hit, 1 headshot, 1 close combat kill, Silent Assassin.

Time: 11:11

Total Money: 6,919,000


Total people in this level: 12 (9 guards, the wheelchair guy, the journalist and a priest)

There is no rating in this level, no reward. What looks like your funeral is actually an action level. If you just leave your controls, do nothing at all, you will in the end be cremated.

But, you can simply wake up and kill everyone there with the silver ballers on your chest. There is a priest, the reporter and the wheelchair guy. Ignore them. One guard is sitting to your right alone, four guards are in the back a bit and three guards close to the wheelchair guy. Another two guards are a bit further away, and will come running when you start your killing spree. The wheelchair guy is armed, the priest and the reporter are not.

You can wake up by simply press the movement buttons wildly. At the start everything will be slowed down, so aim for the head. I suggest killing the guard to your right first, the one sitting alone, then turn to the three guards close to the wheel chair guy, and take the guards in the back last. If you run out of energy, remember that if you pull off 3 headshots before you die, you get another chance, so use that in your favor. Usually I kill all the guards and the wheelchair guy drives away. I kill him just outside the chapel and get his gun before the other two guards come up the hill.

An alternative that works very well, is to wait until the priest comes and stands at what is your left side. It will take a while, but once he stands there, press wildly the buttons. 47 will get up and automatically take the priest as human shield. Now take your time, and again, shoot the guy to your left first, then the guys close to the wheelchair guy, and the ones in the back last. Make every shot count or you will die for good, very fast.

With this you should be able to even pull this off on pro difficulty.