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Halo Wars
Halo Wars Cover.jpg
Release date: March 3, 2009
Developer: Ensemble Studios
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Series: Halo Series
Platforms: Xbox 360


Halo Wars is a real time strategy (RTS) game that takes place in the Halo Universe in the year 2531, twenty years prior to the events in Halo: Combat Evolved. You use familiar and new UNSC units in humans initial encounters against the Covenant, an alien coalition threatening to obliterate mankind. Halo Wars immerses you in an early period of the storied Halo universe, allowing you to experience events leading up to the first Halo.

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1. The tutorial teaches the basics of playing Halo Wars. It's highly recommended that you play this tutorial to familiarize yourself with the controls.
2. First you'll learn about moving the camera. Use the Left-Stick to follow the arrows around the map.
3. Next place your cursor over the warthog. Press A and it will be added to your army.
4. Now it's time to move the warthog. Move your cursor to the bright blue circle and press X. Your warthog moves to this new position.
5. Continue moving your warthog to each new blue circle. The game will display an arrow indicating where the next circle is.
6. At the last blue circle you'll find 4 marine squads. They join your group.
7. Press LB to highlight all of your units and add them to your current group. Alternatively, you can hold down A to form the command circle. Any unit in the command circle will be added to your current group.
8. Move your group North through each blue circle. At the end of the road you'll find an energy shield blocking your path.
9. To get passed an energy shield, you must first destroy it's control panel. With your units highlighted, press X over the nearby panel.
10. With the energy shield down, continue North.
11. Just past the shield is a group of covenant elites. Press X over them to attack.
12. Once the elites are dead, move your army North-East to the last blue circle.
13. Here are some covenant buildings. They can't fight back, but they have a lot of health.
14. TIP: Some units have special commands. To use them, simply press Y instead of X when attacking. Your infantry's special attack is throwing grenades, test this out against the nearby buildings.
15. Use grenades to destroy the buildings. The tutorial is complete once they're gone.
16. NOTE: There is a an advanced tutorial as well. Select it from the main menu if you wish to undertake it. Otherwise, these advanced tactics will be explained as you follow the walkthrough.

Mission 1: Alpha Base

1. Watch the opening cutscene.
2. TIP: You can skip cutscenes by pressing X while they are playing.
3. You start the mission with only one unit, Sergeant Forge. He is a special unit with increased stats.
4. New Objective: Fight your way to Alpha Base
5. Put your cursor over Forge and press A to add him to your group.
6. Move Forge West to find a small battle. Press X over the enemy units to attack them.
7. When the enemies are defeated, some nearby soldiers join your army in a warthog.
8. New Unit: Warthog
9. The warthog is a scout unit with some combat skills. Their special skill is Ram. Press Y over a hostile infantry unit and your warthog will run them over.
10. Optional Objective: Find and Rescue Pinned Marines
11. You do not need to complete optional objectives, but they sometimes give good rewards. This particular optional objective can be completed by simply playing the mission normally.
12. TIP:' Press RB to highlight all local units. This is a fast way to gather together your immediate army for new objectives.
13. Move your army North-East. At the bridge you'll encounter several enemy grunts.
14. Grunts are the basic infantry of the covenant. These guys are very weak. Any vehicle will easily kill them.
15. Optional Objective: Kill 100 Grunts
16. For this optional objective you just need to kill all the grunts. You'll do this playing normally.
17. Continue along the path. It's completely linear so you won't get lost. Along the way you'll encounter several more grunts.
18. Eventually you'll find a large battle between some marines and the local covenant. Help them kill the covenant grunts.
19. TIP: Some of the covenant forces are by exploding barrels. If you attack these barrels they will explode and kill all nearby units. This is a good way to easily kill all nearby enemies in a single blow!
20. Once all of the enemies are down, the surviving marines will join you in warthogs.
21. TIP: Press the Back Button to view your current and past mission objectives.
22. If you're following the optional objectives, you should now have 2/4 marines rescued and 16/100 grunts killed.
23. Press RB to add the new units into your group.
24. Continue moving your units along the linear path. You'll fight several more grunts. Easily kill them by ramming them with your warthogs.
25. You'll also encounter an enemy ghost. Ghosts are the covenant equivalent of warthogs. This lone ghost won't be much of a match to your 4 warthogs though.
26. Just keep following the path to reach another battle. There are several grunts and a covenant turret attacking nearby marines.





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