Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned

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Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned
Grand Theft Auto IV The Lost and Damned.Cover.jpg
Release date: February 17, 2009
Series: Grand Theft Auto Series
Platforms: Xbox 360


This download content exclusively for Xbox 360 puts you in the leather boots of Johhny a member of "The Lost" motorcycle club. As the story of him and his gang progresses, you will overlap the story with some happenings from the original GTA IV and see Niko and other characters again a few times.

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Armor close to safehouse

There's a armor south of the Lost clubhouse, in the same block. Get around the block to the east of the clubhouse and enter the alley.

How to get a fast exclusive bike

If you need a fast bike, first thing to do is to steal a NRG900 at the bikeshop in north Alderney. You need a fast bike to be sure on this one. Next step is to attend a Bike Challange. When you enter the arrow, let the cutscene continue to see if there are any cool/fast/non-chopper bikes in the race (if not, race or just stand still and wait for you to loose and then wait a little for the challenge to appear again). Don't drive off when race starts. Now, the spot where you're standing is the finish of the race. Back up a few hundred meters, and wait. Count as they pass you, and when you see them closing up on their last lap for finish, drive up behind the leader or the desired bike. When he passes the finishline, you'll get a "lost race" prompt. Ignore that and follow the winner and take the bikedriver out with your SMG or pistol. Ta-da, you've got yourself a fast bike. You can keep doing this for ever, and the faster your bike is that you enter the challenge with, the more non-choppers will appear as opponents.

Wan't to save it, just park it outside your safehouse in southern Alderney. Only 2 bikes can be saved, so just drive one of the choppers out of the parking space.
Hot exclusive non-chopper bikes will spawn behind the Clubhouse when you've played the campaign for a bit.





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