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Street Races

These side missions are required to get 100% in GTA4. You get this option after the Mission "NO. 1" of the main story. Completing this will give you 2% towards completion. You have to win all 9 races for this to be complete. If you're a hero (challenge), complete all the races with the same Comet you get after the "No. 1" mission. There is no reward for doing it, but it's cool to say you did.

Call up Brucie and select "Race". Depending on which island you are, you get one of three races, in total there are nine. Once you called him, he gives you the location of one of the races. If you've completed the three races on the island you're on Brucie will tell you there aren't any more, even after you get a text message from him telling you about new races. You have to be on the island that the races are held.

Generally, use a car that you are comfy with. The Turismo is generally well liked as it handles very well and is very fast. The Infernus is faster but handles less well. You can also use a bike like the NRG900 which gives you an advantage in traffic but might kill you as well in a race. I have done all the races with a Coquette as I got most comfortable with it doing this, but the Turismo worked better when I redid some of those races. It's not about the car as long as it's fast, but more about how well you can handle it. If your car gets smashed up, drive to the next safe house, park it in the parking zone outside (the yellow marked one) go in and save. Now load the game you just saved again and the car will be in full repair. If you do not load, the car will stay the same. Alternatively, you can simply drive around, find the same car and jack it, and there you have a new one. Or if you are in the mood to spend some money, go to a pay and spray and they fix you right up.

The opponents' cars aren't determined by the type you're driving. Sometimes they're Feltzers, Infernuses (Inferni?), and other exotics, and other times they're Huntleys, Cavalcades, and other SUVs. Regardless of the other vehicles, they all drive crazily. If it weren't for the game disallowing the other cars to be destroyed, they'd never make it a whole race.

Try not to start a race at night, it makes it harder to see. Also you smash up your lights fast and then it gets even worse. Also rain influences the race greatly, so wait until the shower is over if it is raining before you start a race. If it starts while doing it, you just have to cope with it.

Go slowly around corners, you have a better success rate than trying to power slide. You mostly wipe out if you don't get it just perfectly right, which will cost you a lot of time and most likely the first place.

You can't kill your fellow racers or destroy their cars. What you can do though is bump them to hell and shoot their tires while racing. You can get out of your car, if it is smashed up too much and jack another one. You can stay sixty seconds outside a car without failing the race. It's not recommended to switch cars during the race, chances of winning are close to none (except for the really long races).

As opposed to previous games, you do not have to hit the markers perfectly. You can be pretty far away as long as you are in the same street. So try to cut corners and drive over sidewalks where you can make a faster track for yourself. As long as you hear the blip sound as you "collect" the markers you are fine.

I have found that taking a sedan-type car to a race often results in the opponents driving the big boat-like sedans. I've had this happen when driving a Feroci and a Faction, among others. This made for some very easy races, as the opponents overshoot turns like crazy. This might be a good strategy to try if you are having trouble winning races with a supercar or street racer.

A very neat little trick to get a head start is to not park in the marker after calling Brucie, but drive by the cars on one side, then bump the first car on that side a little sideways. That will start the race and you are in the pole position already. If you cant get the hang, just put your car in front of a leading car, drive backwards till you bump him and then you get the "GO" instantly to start the race. This tactics should allow you to keep out of the usual mayhem at the start and give you a few more seconds to get familiar with the track.

If you are in need of a fast car, grab a Turismo. There are two known fixed locations of them. Read in the [[../Unique Stunt Jumps|Unique Stunt Jumps]] section about where exactly they are. You can also do them with an NRG900 but you are more exposed that way and a crash can mean death or you will lose so much time you can't win anymore.

It should be mentioned that most of the races are not very difficult. The most important thing is to keep your car in good shape. Five or six laps can get pretty taxing sometimes and you don't want to have to nurse a smoking car around the course. Don't try to bash anything out of your way. Just keep smooth and brake on time and you'll be fine. Heck, I race a minivan Cabby against the "exotics" and I win.

Once you complete the nine races, you can race any of them again. Call Brucie on whichever island you wish and ask for a race again. The three races for that island will start again, in order. You can't choose which one you want to race. You still get $500 for winning them too.

Dukes and Broker

Dukes Boulevard

Reward: $500

Three lap race around the boulevard. Run at high speeds but be careful after when going through the second curve, you can wipe out and even flip there easy.

South Broker

Reward: $500

Three lap race. you are mostly going around south broker from the Cafe Jacob is in and then through a lot of sharp turns. Make sure you got something that handles the corners well. Take advantage of the open distances to pass and ram competition into the walls where they get caught.

Airport Run

Reward: $500

Three laps of airport madness. There is an off ramp in the north that is the most dangerous place to flip your car. Other than that you should do fine. Speed up on the long stretch from the airport to the north to gain some lead on your competition. It pays off to be first early here.


Road to Bohan

Reward: $500

Three lap race around the north east of Algonquin, heading over to Bohan and then back. The starting point is close by the northern internet cafe. Watch the road when you come over the northwood heights bridge and have to turn right, you can overshoot there easy and lose a lot of time. Similar on the road north just west of middle park, but less dangerous. Get driving fast on the straights and try not to bump into the rails on the bridges as those can lead to instant death if you flip over one.

Star Junction

Reward: $500

A five lap race around the star junction area downtown Algonquin. Just after the start it takes sharp turn right and another left, drive through that part slowly then speed up again. Most turns are simple, the streets are all wide here. Since its downtown, there are a lot of cars and some cops. Avoid hitting them or you get a wanted level.

South Algonquin

Reward: $500

A three lap race, starting in Castle Garden City to the southwest. Most of this is driven on the freeway. On these stretches floor it to gain distance. In the southeast is a turning point, take it slow, then floor it again. Close to the start is the second turning point, take that one very carefully, going through the start point until you are back on the freeway.


South Alderney

Reward: $500

Three lap race in the industrial south area of Alderney. You start just north of the honkers club, then it turns right, goes right again after bit north into the industrial. Next comes an S curve, right than left and a long stretch. Speed up here and then make the turn slowly to speed south again. Another sharp turn left than right and you are on the last stretch towards honkers. Look out for those S curves and the turning point. Other than that, full speed ahead.

Alderney (Elevated)

Reward: $500

This three lap race starts downtown Alderney and then goes south. There is a turn and it goes back north. This race has the most dangerous corner. When you come from the north towards the water, you can slide over a ramp there and fall into the water. So approach it with care, pull both brakes before you hit the corner to not lose due to water damage. This is made specially difficult since it is just when you come down the ramp from the freeway. On the drive north, cut the corners and you gain a lot of time.

The game says only Alderney in the normal text when you do the race, but under the stats this one shows up as Elevated.

North Alderney

Reward: $500

A five lap race through north Alderney. Just after the start, the road goes a bit right and then a turn left. Ignore that and go straight east over the grass in the corner. You will avoid crashes at the beginning and shave of a few precious seconds in later laps. Drive careful until you are on the road that goes along the coast and turns west. Here is your chance to get some speed and put distance between you and the competition. When the road curves east again look closely at the map. It goes in a slight wave to the south. Now on the map you can see the marker in front of you and then comes a complicated stretch, the marker being to the east behind some buildings. If you would stick to the road, you would go in an arch to the north, but that is a slow route. Better, take a shortcut through the drive way just a bit north of where the road comes in from the west. You will see a hedge to the left of it. It looks like a tight squeeze but I have not seen any fast cars that would not fit. This will cut down extremely on your time and the other cars go around it, sometimes crashing into things and slowing them down even more. Be careful when you go through there though and keep to the left side, as on the right is a small box that will block your progress if you smash into it. There is an excellent race car for this nearby, if you don't already have one; the Sultan RS is behind the garages at the abandoned mansion in northern Alderney. It handles very well and is fast enough to get the job done against supercars.

With all the races done you are 2% closer to the end.