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There are just a few things that go wrong with this game and, due to so may things going on in Liberty City at once, strange glitches may happen in front of you. This is where you'll read about them.

Post anything you like, preferably with pictures if you can and a short description about what happened. For example, I don't have a picture, but I was riding a Freeway and I rolled it on a concrete divider on an overpass. When I tried to pick the bike up, Niko got back on, but the whole thing was inverted. Niko was on the bike, but upsidedown. From Niko's waist to his head was inside the street! I could still spin the rear wheel and turn the front, but I couldn't drive.

  • When you cab-jack a taxi from another passenger, Niko's witty one-liner is the same as when you car-jack someone. Not that big of a deal, but it sounds lame when you pull someone out of a cab, chuck them on the ground, and say "I hope this wasn't expensive!"
  • If you pick a girl up on a date and you're on a motorcycle, the dialog doesn't always change. Kiki says "Don't you ever feel guilty driving a car?". (Confirmed 06.24.08). Carmen's not fooled though. She says "You don't look like no biker, Niko." She sure sounds educated, doesn't she?
  • If you're returning a friend from hanging out and you park in a place he can't open his door, he will punch Niko and knock him out of the car. Then, he will get out of the driver's side instead. (Confirmed with Roman 06.24.08).
  • Here's another strange one. I was leaving a restaurant with Brucie. I went to jack a ride home and he got hit by the car I was trying to jack. The driver got out like they normally do when they're in a fender bender. I got in the car and closed the door. The guy who was driving the car just stood there, watching Brucie get up off the ground. As soon as Brucie got in the car and closed the door, the car took off and Niko got ejected through the roof and disappeared off the screen. He landed back on the street, hurt badly. The prompt said to "get your friend". The original driver had reappeared back behind the wheel and driven off with Brucie. I had to steal another car and chase them down. When I got close enough, Brucie got out of the other car and got back in mine when I stopped.
  • Was driving home to romans with taxi. we came there and this arrow i needed to walk in was in front of me. its was in the parking thing so i sat in car with roman. after cut-scene appeared roman left, but when it finished roman was still in the car. after he ran away so i just shot him and nothing happend
  • An NRG 900 RR has the weird looking headlights,The NRG 900 F has a normal square headlight,on the cover of GTA IV the NRG 900 RR has a square headlight instead of the weird ones
  • Went to the HeliTour place, and I hit the (Y) button to take the tour, but Niko threw the pilot out trying to jack the chopper, so i held down (Y) and he got in the passenger side. Then the chopper took off and started the tour with No pilot inside, and the blades weren't spinning either.

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