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Getting 100% Completion

You will need to finish each of these guides to get a 100% complete in Grand Theft Auto IV. This list will show you which part gives you how many percentages.

Other than getting 100% for bragging rights and if you are signed up for the Rockstar Social Club, an entry in the list there, you get no in game perks for completion.

Needed for 100%

Percentage Guide Description
60% [[../Story_Walkthrough|Story Walkthrough]] Finish the story in any way you want.
5% [[../Random Characters|Random Characters]] Meet and complete the missions for all characters except Jeff, Cherise, Ivan and Clarence. (0.5% for completing each random character's mission(s).)
2.5% [[../Most Wanted|Most Wanted]] Complete all 30 Most Wanted Missions on all three islands.
2.5% [[../Vigilante|Vigilante]] Complete 20 Vigilante missions.
2.5% [[../Flying_Rats|Flying Rats]] Find and shoot all 200 pigeons
2.5% [[../Unique Stunt Jumps|Unique Stunt Jumps]] Finish off all 50 jumps
2% [[../Jacob Drug Delivery|Jacob Drug Delivery]] Complete all 10 drug delivery missions from Little Jacob.
2% [[../Brucies Exports|Brucies Exports]] Steal the 10 cars for Brucie.
2% [[../Street Races|Street Races]] Win all 9 street races you get from Brucie, on all three islands.
2% [[../Stevie Vehicle Thefts|Stevie Vehicle Thefts]] Steal all 30 vehicles for Stevie.
2% [[../Assassin_Missions|Assassin Missions]] Complete the 9 assassin missions.
1.66% [[../Friend Guide|Friend Guide]] Complete all the activities with Little Jacob
1.66% [[../Friend Guide|Friend Guide]] Get Little Jacob to like you more than 60% so you get the Guns option in the phone with him.
1.66% [[../Friend Guide|Friend Guide]] Complete all the activities with Brucie
1.66% [[../Friend Guide|Friend Guide]] Get Brucie to like you more than 70% so you get the Chopper option in the phone with him.
1.66% [[../Friend Guide|Friend Guide]] Complete all the activities with Packie
1.66% [[../Friend Guide|Friend Guide]] Get Packie to like you more than 75% so you get the Bomb option in the phone with him.
1.25% None yet Win a game of Darts against a friend
1.25% None yet Win a game of Pool against a friend
1.25% None yet Win a full game of Bowling against a friend. A half game will NOT count!
1.25% None yet Beat the computer highscore of 10950 at QUB3D

Not needed for 100%

There is a lot you can do you do not really need to do. This here will clarify the things not needed.

  • Dating. The exception is the "First date" mission with Michelle. Once she is safe back home, you do not have to date her again. Neither do you have to date Kate or the other three girls in the game.
  • Win all games against all friends. You have to win once in darts, once in pool and once in a FULL game of bowling. You do not have to beat everyone bowling and everyone at darts.
  • Activites with anyone else than Little Jacob, Brucie or Packie. You can still do them with Roman and Dwayne to get their perks, but other than that, they are not needed for getting 100%.
  • Watching all shows. There are a few different ones. They are funny, but it is a myth that you have to sit through all of them.
  • Go on a heli tour. Might be interesting for you, even if just for seeing the game from a different perspective and you can concentrate on watching instead of flying, but other than that, not needed at all.
  • Fly under all bridges. That's an Xbox achievement, nothing to do with 100%.

Things not even in the game

In past games you might have done some things you are watching for now, so these are not even in the game, don't go searching for them.

  • Paramedic missions. Other than grabbing an ambulance and get a little helath refresh, there is nothing else about them.
  • Taxi missions. You can do the "Job" option for Roman at the beginning of the game, which will make you some money, but there is no other mission in the game like there were in previous ones concerning cabs.
  • Fire fighers. No missions here, at all.
  • Pizza Delivery. You do some drug delivery, but other than that, nothing else to do here.
  • Collect things other than pigeons. You only have to kill all pigeons, no packages, horse shoes, photo ops, pearls or the like.
  • Buy save houses/properties. You get safe houses trhough the story and there is nothing else you can buy other than weapons, food and passage (toll, taxi).
  • Vehicle modifications (nitrous, hydraulics, exhaust, etc).