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Brucie's Exports

Brucie wants you to find him some exports that are exotic. You get money to complete them and of course they are needed for 100%. Completing this is worth 2% of the total.

The missions are all the same. You get an email from Brucie, with a picture of the vehicle he wants. You have to reply positively and then your mission starts. You get this ability after the story mission "Logging On". Grab the ride and bring it back to Brucie unharmed for maximum payout. All rewards assume it is brought back in perfect condition.

You will get to all of these, but the order is random.

If the car is damaged you might want to go to a Pay and Spray and let it be fixed up. If it is just a scratch it might not be worth it, if you banged it up good, it will be worth your while for sure.

Xbox 360 users will get 10 gamer points for completing this series of side missions, as the Order Fulfilled achievement.


Reward: $1500

The car is being driven in Outlook. Park a car in front of it, the driver may attempt to run away so do it quick. Otherwise its a very easy pickup.


Reward: $1000

In Chase Point


Reward: $

Go towards the blip with a fast handling car. As you get very close, the PCJ comes out of an alley. Now follow him and then ram him with high speed. With the guy falling off, you can grab the bike and return it to Brucie. It takes damage from this though, so be sure to go by the Pay and Spray before returning it.

Sabre GT

Reward: $1000

The Sabre GT is to the east. Three guys are standing around it. Best to simply kill them with precise headshots. Now grab the car and lose the wanted level. You should be able to do that easy. Return it to Brucie's place.


Reward: $1500

The car is a bit to the east. Grab a vehicle and park it in front of the driver. She will stop, grab her out of the car and steal it. Simple grab. Return it to the lockup.


Reward: $800

This power bike is up in Schottler. Go into the alley where the bike is. There are three guys standing around it. Kill them then grab the bike. Now lose the attention from the cops and bring the bike back to Brucie's lockup.


Reward: $1500

The owner of this car is driving around Meadow Park. Go up there, block his route and grab his ride. He will try to evade you but rather half heartedly. Just grab it and return it to Brucie.


Reward: $1100 (please confirm, mine had a missing headlight and got $1026)

It's parked in front of the station in Meadow Hills. Be aware that as soon as you enter, you will get a two star wanted level. It's a pretty fast car so you can outrun the cops easily, but they will shoot at your car so you might want to have it fixed before delivery.



Close by Brucie's place. The guy is standing there behind an open truck and does appear to do a deal. Just run up to it and grab it. You can alternatively shoot the guys, but that just creates more heat than really needed. Bring it back to Brucie.


Reward: $

Parked next to a train station in Meadow Hills. Just grab it and return it.