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Before the walkthrough starts here is the number one advice I can give you: Save often. Whenever you are done with a mission, you should already have an auto save, but it's a good idea to also save on the second save spot whenever you feel like it (finished something that is not a main mission for example). And of course keep the power flowing on your DS, as this game will dry up your batteries.

You play the role of Huang Lee who comes to Liberty City to give a sword to your uncle, after your father died. The sword should ensure your uncle becoming the next man in charge but it gets stolen.

Yu Jian

Reward: $50

Welcome to GTA Chinatown Wars. This little intro mission will help you get comfy with the view and usage of the game in the NDS world. This is especially hard for some people coming from other consoles or the PC.

After your refreshing bath, use the arrows to swim to the shore. No need for button pressing, the swimming is done automatically as is the climbing on to dry land. Once in the yellow marker, go up the ramp and take the car waiting at the blue marker. You will encounter one of many mini games throughout the game for hotwiring a car. Just follow the instructions on the screen below, and you will do fine.

Now drive the car up to your Uncle's shop and park it a bit away from the chevrons. If you park on the chevrons, you won’t be able to enter the shop. The game can also be a bit picky about where you enter the chevrons, so always try for where the chevrons start, that will be the best indicator.

Outside again after the little chat, go to the yellow marker, and stand in it. The game explains to you how the saving works. Now you can also save with your PDA anywhere on the map, as long as you are not in a mission. Of course you can also save cars (this time again with garages) and the game in the apartment.

After you know how stuff works, go back to the K blip and step into the chevrons.

Pursuit Farce

Reward: $50

You are to meet someone from Kenny's crew. Outside, grab the car and follow to the yellow blip and park the car in the spot. You meet Ling Shan and also how the cops work in this GTA version. After the little talk you have a wanted rating of two stars. This sends two cars on your tail. Now you have to either ram two cop cars at high speed or push them so they crash. The icons at the top will tell you if you are successful or not. Once both cars have been dispatched, your wanted level drops away (after the normal few seconds of blinking stars) and you can return to your apartment. Just park in the yellow marker and you are done.

Go to the K blip around the corner and step into the yellow chevrons.

Under the Gun

Reward: $50

Kenny wants you to be able to defend yourself. So go around the corner, into the alley and stand into the marker. There you meet Ling again. You first have to punch the dummy, do a roundhouse kick and a flying kick on it, then you get to shoot a gun. Kenny comes out of the restaurant, there are some punks making trouble. Ling leads you down the alley to a dumpster. Standing next to these, you can search them. Just open it up and throw out the bags to uncover a pistol. Now with that done follow Ling on foot to the yellow marker around the corner. After that little talk, nobody seems to respect you, Ling gets shot and the thug runs away into the alley. Follow him and kill the three guys there in the back. The green plus sign at the stairs will refill your health if you get hit. Go up the stairs, walk around the roof to the last red dot on the map and kill him too to finish this mission.

Go to the K blip and step into the yellow chevrons.


Reward: $50

Kenny wants you to give the gang some payback. They are in the Steinway area up north. Go up there, jump over the small wall and stand in the yellow marker. A gang member shows up and then runs away. The easiest way is to just go back towards the street and then follow him south, or you can run and then vault over the countless walls here. He will run across the street and into an alley. Kill him there and his two friends. Once they are dead a car pulls up with two more guys. When one of them is dead, the other will try to grab a car and make a run for it. If you kill him before he gets in, the mission is done. If not, get the second car and chase him down. Ram his car a few times, do drive by shooting until the guy leaves the car. Now is a good moment to just drive over him and your mission is done.

Go to the K blip and step into the yellow chevrons.

The Wheelman

Reward: $50

Kenny wants you to get 3 cars and you only have 6 hours in game time. The first is very close by in a parking lot. After getting it, you need to drive it to the garage in Bobao. Just drive into the chevrons there and the car gets stowed away. Grab one of the cars outside and go for the next closer one. This one is in a parking lot with a cop car. After returning with that get the last one, parked at a gas station a bit southeast of Outlook. Here be careful not to hit the gas pumps or you will blow yourself up. This might be a good maneuver though if you want to get rid of a lot of cops later on. Deliver the last car to the garage to finish this mission.

From now on you can hail cabs that can drop you off anywhere in town (like in GTA4) against a small fee of course.

Go to the K blip and step into the yellow chevrons.

Tricks of the Triad

Welcome to the wonderful world of drug dealing. Go back to the apartment. There the game will lead you through the way on how to get drugs from your stash box. Grab all the drugs then drive to your first dealer Liam in Steinway. There you deal with him and also get to see a camera in the short cut scene. He tells you that prices stay high as long as those cameras are there. A total of 100 Cameras are all over Liberty city, but that’s a different guide.

After the deal, check your PDA and you get a mail from Danny who is in Meadow Park. Go there. Now you made $25 profit form the last deal and this guy has coke for $25 so you buy all he has. After this, the cops arrive. Just get back as fast as you can to your apartment. Don't worry about losing the cops, they disappear once you are done. Inside the apartment you put your drugs into your stash and exit the apartment to finish this training mission.

From now on you can find drug dealers all over the city. They usually stand still, have a blue shirt and are not very exposed to the general public. With drug dealing you can make a lot of money.

You will also get once a week an email about your trading stats, which you can unsubscribe from. Also Kenny is telling you to raise $5000 for some property deal and you get an email from Chan Jaoming (C blip after that on the radar) about some proposition he wants to talk about.

For now go to the K blip and step into the yellow chevrons.

Natural Burn Killer

Reward: $50

Assembling your own weapons is one of the mini games here. This time you get to make Molotov cocktails. Kenny wants to make an example out of a business refusing to pay protection. Go to the gas station down the block and step into the blue gas station icon. Since this fill up is free, tap the right most icon, gives you the most Molotov. Now you have the grab the nozzle and get as much gas into the bottle as you can until the arrow to the right appears. Then just but the nozzle away, grab a rag from the bucket and push it into the bottle and your Molotov is done. With this method you can make around 15 Molotov at the large fill up. You can make 4 first then exit, and you will be allowed to fill more for free. You can finish this mission with just 3 Molotovs.

Armed and dangerous, go north to the Spanish lords car lot. Get out of the car and jump into the lot. The game will teach you how to use the Molotov (and grenades for that matter). Bomb the car close at the entrance and the one in the back as well until they are exploding (no more red arrow above them). One well aimed Molotov can be enough. Now the game gives you a yellow target, a store on the other side of the street. Go there and bomb the store with Molotov. Either throw all you have or just use one and let the fire do damage over time if firemen don't put it out. Once you are out, there are some more behind the building across the street. You can deter the firemen by just pulling them out of the vehicle. Once the damage meter is full, the building is firebombed and explodes. With that you are done.

You can now destroy the cameras all over the city with Molotov, grenades or other explosives.

Go to the K blip and step into the yellow chevrons.

Recruitment Drive

Reward: $50

Kenny needs some more good men, or better, cannon fodder. Make your way fast to the blue blip. You have to save the guy from a few bad guys (3 to 4 usually). Kill the bad guys and get into a car so you can go to the next rookie. Rookies will enter the car or follow you once you are close enough. You have to repeat this and keep your gang close together until the end of the mission. If you don't keep them close, you will lose members of the gang, which will make your mission fail if you lose two. With three in your car, make your way back to the east side of the block where your apartment is, to the tattoo parlor. The Hoodlums you killed have some buddies that want revenge, they will appear in cars and try to ram and kill you. Just drive fast and park in the yellow marker.

Now leave the car and follow your people inside. Another small mini game ensues. You tattoo your own crew. Just follow the design roughly. At the edges, just go to the edges and to the fine parts with the pen, but not far over them. That way the whole design will be filled out with ink. Once done, the tattoo is perfect and your mission is over.

From now on you can go to the tattoo parlor and make some money by inking as many tattoos as possible in an as short time as possible. If you manage to get 10 tattoos done, you get a bronze medal (and the payout is double), at 15 it’s a silver medal (and triple payout). At X you get a gold medal and X times the payout. It's about speed not precision, as long as it's "good enough". Go on, try it out, it will fill up your low cash level a bit. The tattoo counts as "done" when most of the area is inked. I found it best to keep the pen on the surface most of the time, if the areas are connected, and take it off when I though the tattoo is done. You need to lift the pen in order for the game to recognize the tattoo is done.

Go to the C blip and walk into the yellow chevrons.

Pimp His Ride

Reward: $50

Chan wants to win a race and get an advantage by tampering with the competitions car. Go to the blip and then follow the car. It will go to the pay and spray south. Once the game tells you to get into the champs car, leave yours and grab his car quickly. Now race back to Chan’s garage and park it inside. In a small mini game you make a few choice modifications on the car. Once done with your handy work, especially the fish is a nice touch, you leave the garage again and have to return the car. It drives like hell now of course. Return it to the place you found it and park in the yellow marker to finish this mission.

Go to the C blip and walk into the yellow chevrons.

Whack the Racers

Reward: $100

Now Chan needs your help with the race directly. Grab the fast car (comet) parked directly next to the shop (east side) and go to the yellow marker. The race starts and you have to make sure Chan wins. Ram the cars with the red arrows and make sure the blue car gets through. Your best bets are to side swipe them into walls if you can, so they do a frontal collision. Other than that, follow Chan and make sure he wins the race. Once he won, get close to his car to end the mission. The bastard didn't even think you did anything.

From now on you can also race for yourself if you like to.

Also an email from Zhou Ming will come in, requesting 20 bags of weed as an entry fee. He even tells you that the best chances of finding good prices are in Schottler.

Go to the C blip and walk into the yellow marker.

Jackin' Chan

Reward: $150

Chan has been taken. Grab a car and go down to the blue blip at the docks. As you get close you see how some fires break out and Chan is trapped. Back up and follow the second blue blip to find a fire truck. Grab it and return to the fires. Now you put out the fires like you would throw a Molotov. Aim for the places with the red arrows and keep the water going for a while until it vanishes. Douse all the fires, then get into Chan's car. Still not done, some guys with automatic guns are on your case and try to kill you as you drive Chan home. Once securely in the garage, you are done.

Now get enough money and buy 20 bags of weed. You can find in Schottler a dealer that sells a bag for around $4, so 20 bags set you back only $80.

Once you got the drugs on you, head over to the Z blip.

Stealing the Show

Reward: $150

Zhou is convinced that he is the best choice for the next boss. A big step up from that Chan moron for sure. He wants you to be his new thrower. Outside get in the car and drive to the gas station at the yellow blip and park in the yellow marker. You climb automatically into the truck and now you have to use the same method you used for the Molotov to throw crates. You have to throw 15 crates successfully. There seem to be unlimited crates there though. Just throw them a bit higher or further than you think, as long as the car is in the line you throw you usually hit it. The place you need to hit is the back of the truck, so aim always for that. Sometimes it works easiest if you just aim to the back and when the truck goes under the throwing line drawn by the game, release the pen to throw it. Once you got 15, jump off using X and get into the truck. Now drive home to Zhou's club and park in the garage and you are done.

Go to the Z blip and step into the yellow chevrons.


Reward: $150

Someone Zhou knows has arrived in Liberty City. Go to the Airport, indicated by the yellow blip. As you get close, a blue blip appears. That’s the ambulance, it's standing on the tarmac. Get close, grab it then make your way back to the club (same garage the truck was parked before). Only problem is you have cops on your back now with a 3 star rating and your patient should not die. If he flatlines you can restart his heart by tapping fast repeatedly on the heart. So you have to drive well and do the tapping in between. With the ambulance in the garage, Zhou makes you his blood brother to finish off the mission.

Bomb Disposal

Reward: $200

The old boss wants to destroy some drugs in stash cars. Zhou wants those drugs for himself instead of blowing them up. Go to the closest stash car. As you get close, the bomb vans will be armed. Now you have to get into the red vans, and once inside disarm the bombs. First remove the screws from the cover. Touch the voltmeter now, then each of the wires on the right. The one with the highest reading is the one you need to cut. Tap the cutter and draw a cutting line through the wire you want to cut to disarm. Once a bomb is disarmed two thugs appear, kill them then go to the next van. Once all are taken care of, a group of thugs appear at one of the vans, kill them all and you get a message another bomb van is approaching. Drive by the van until it goes up in flames to finish the mission.

Time to make some money. You will get an email about making $5000 to buy some property from Kenny. Best way is to make some drug deals.

With $5000 in your pocket go to the K blip and step into the marker.

Carpe 'Dime'

Some rich guy is in town and he should be relieved of his money. He also could have the sword. You get a red blip, a moving red van. Get close to it, then hijack it. Make sure you don't destroy it or make too much damage on it, as you will have to drive it back to where you just came from and park it in the garage. On that trip back cars will come out from everywhere and shoot at you. Once in the garage you can cut open the panels and you will find a ledger with some deals this person made.

From now on you can hijack gang vans and steal what they carry.

After this, Kenny, Chan and Zhou will email you. Kenny has a new safe house for you in Algonquin (Lancaster area, just a bit west of the bridge coming from charge island). Chan wants help with a drug deal and Zhou wants help too. Since you are already at Kenny's place, step into the yellow marker at the K blip.

Store Wars

Reward: $50

The Spanish are attacking your stores. Go to the yellow blip in east island city. In an alley next to the blip is a large truck. Take it and block the street to the south. Take more cars and make a blockade to the north. Once all is blocked or some time has passed the Spanish will attack. There are four waves, first south, then alternating. Once all attackers have been killed you have saved the building. Don't worry if they get one or two Molotov in, as long as the building still stands when you are done dispatching the enemy, all is fine.

Go to the C blip in Algonquin and step into the yellow marker.

Raw Deal

Reward: $200

The good Chan wants to be a negotiator. Unfortunately you get ambushed. Now there is an unlimited supply of enemies here. You can use this to stock up on weapons but Chan will get shot in the end. So your best choice is to go into the alleys and find the car stashed there (close by also is a camera). Then take that and bash through one of the blockades that has no tanker blocking the area and drive Chan home to the club. As you drop him off, the cops arrive and Wade Heston introduces himself. He lets you go for now though.

Heston also emails you a bit later and giving you access to his safe house in south Bohan.

Go to the Z blip and step into the marker.

Driven to Destruction

Reward: $300

Those dealers are making problems for Zhou. Get into the truck and drive to the yellow blip. As you get close it splits up into multiple red dots. Get close so Zhou can kill them. The best way is to make sure you have the enemy in front of you, so Zhou can wreak havoc with his Gatling gun. The carnage meter in the top left has to fill to the maximum to finish this mission. Once one group of dealers is dead, a new one will spawn somewhere. Just drive there and again destroy your enemies. Make sure the car stays away from the exploding enemy cars, so you won’t destroy the truck. You need to keep it relative fresh, because once the carnage meter is full, you have to hunt down all remaining dealers of the group you were decimating at the time and then drive home. On that drive you will have some dealers on your tail and also sometimes cops. Chances of survival are higher the better you take care of your truck.

Chan sends you an email, inviting you to meet Hsin.

Go to the shield blip with the H inside in Bohan and step into the yellow chevrons.

The Tow Job

Heston thinks planting some smack into the Koreans car might be a good way to get rid of them. Go to the yellow blip and you see a tow truck drive away with the Koreans car. Block the trucks path and hijack the truck. The easiest is to push the cabin into an alley, get out of the car and quickly hijack the truck. The driver will get angry and try to get you back out, so just shoot him. Now step into the yellow chevrons next to the truck and lower the car to the ground. Get into the car and drive around. You need a two star rating and then drop it off at the police station to the north. Your best bet is to shoot a cop (drive by). To make life easier, drive close to the station first, then do the deed so you can drop of the car fast. Just park in the yellow marker and you are done (the wanted level will vanish).

A bit later Heston sends an email, he wants 2 bags of coke from you. That can wait for now, let's visit Hsin first.

Go to the H blip and step into the yellow chevrons.

Trail Blazer

Reward: $300

As usual you get treated like crap, but Hunag doesn't let that slide anymore. Hsin wants the gambling den of his enemies to burn. Go to the gas station just a bit to the east at the yellow blip. As you get close it changes to a blue blip, indicating a tanker. Grab it, hotwire it and then drive over to south Bohan where the next yellow blip is. Of course it's not that easy. As you drive off, someone shoots your tanker. Gas gets out and the fuel ignites. Now you have to keep the speed up in order for the flames to not reach the tanker and blow it up. The last two curves are narrow, so be careful there and then park it on the yellow marker at your destination. Get out of the truck and run as far away as you can before it blows.

Now also buy the two bags of coke for Heston.

Return to the blip with the shield with the H on it.

The Tail Bagging the Dogs

The Korean you helped incriminate gets out on a caution. So go over to the yellow blip, the police station and park in the yellow marker. Instantly the Korean comes out and drives south. Follow him, not too far behind but not too close. He will make a stop, the game camera will show the full area where he stopped. There is one guy with a red arrow above his head there, that’s the one you have to kill. Go in, kill him, get back into the car and keep following the Korean. This little game repeats itself two more times. Then another stop happens and the Korean loads into his car a passenger. Now they run away, so chase them down and destroy them. Shoot up the car until they leave it then kill them.

Kenny will send you an email, so go back to the K blip and step into the yellow marker.

Copter Carnage

Reward: $400

There is some merchandise outdoors that you need to protect. It's rather simple. Just shoot all the enemies coming up on your radar. Once they are all dead, the helicopter will flee. Follow it (it goes over charge island north to south Bohan) and you will find the Spanish warehouse. Be careful with the roadblocks.

Go to the K and step into the yellow marker.

Kenny Strikes Back

Time for a full blown assault. go to the yellow blip in the north, where the helicopter landed before. Now walk into the yellow chevrons at the entrance. Smash the keypad, then grab each wire and put it in the recommended position to twist the wires. This will open the gate. Kill the six guards inside, then get into the van. Drive it a bit forward and more Spanish lords will come. Two will close the gate and be inside the compound. Kill them and then two more will wait just outside. Kill them too then get back into the van. Now simply drive it home while being shot upon by more cars that want to take you down. Back at the garage you get to open the side of the door again and grab what's inside there.

You can now go back and assault this location over and over again if you like. The payout is relatively small though.

Go to the shield with an H icon in Bohan and step into the yellow chevrons.

Weapons of Mass Distraction

Reward: $

You have to do the dirty work for Heston again. He wants to plant a bug and you are the distraction. Go to the yellow blip and park in the marker. Now throw a Molotov on one of the cars or riddle it with bullets. Once one of the cars blow the gang comes at you. Kill them all until the game gives you the other two hideouts as yellow blips. Head for the southern one, kill the enemies indicated with red blips until the game tells you to go for the last hideout. So go there, again kill what's standing around and then the game tells you to go to a more remote location, just a bit to the north. Grab something to drive and go up there. At the northwestern end of that place there in the water is a boat. Grab it and drive off to the northwest and your mission is over.

Heston will email you a bit later, so return to him.

Street of Rage

Heston is not home. Outside you get an email that opens automatically. He is pinned down at the tollbooths in Steinway, the ones on the eastern bridge. As you get close you have a couple cops ahead and then a group of assassins. Kill them, go further south, kill the ones past the toll booth and then go around it to the blue blip where Heston lies. Another guy stands there with a minigun. Take cover until he goes and reloads. Then take cover near the wall on the right and lob a Molotov or grenade at him over the wall. That should kill him instantly. Grab the minigun (expensive to buy) and get close to Heston to finish the mission.

After this mission you will get an email from Kenny. Go to the K blip and stand into the yellow chevrons.

Missed the Boat?

Reward: 10 packs Heroin

Now you have to help Kenny help Hsin help the Italians. Go to the jetty and grab the boat. Now go north and then east towards the meeting point. Notice the bunch of cop cars on the bridge, the campfire guys and the person being shot on the pier? Good times. Just get close to the other boat and the exchange happens. The coastguard shows up, now just gun the engine straight back to where you came from and you will shake the immediate danger. Now you need to get back to the jetty but there are these coastguard ships in the way. The easiest way is to go around the north of charge island, then approach the jetty a bit from the south. You just need to make it into the marker and you are good.

You'll get three mails. Zhou and Chan want to talk to you, both giving you new missions, while Kenny just gives you a new safe house close to Zhou's location.

Go to the Z blip and step into the yellow chevrons.

Cash & Burn

Some Irish are encroaching upon a protection scam. Zhou wants you to light a fire. To that end he has a flamethrower in a car across the street in an alley. Get into the car then drive south to the yellow blip and park in the yellow marker. Now get out of the car, smash the lock at the gate then enter the site. There are 18 of these building supplies you need to burn up. You need to get relatively close and use the flamethrower on them. Just keep spraying until you hear the wood crackling, which means it's on fire, then go to the next one, as the last one will burn up. There are three on the left side where the game showed you. Most of the rest are in the middle back part (south) and three more on the right side from the entrance. Concentrate on the crates but give a short burst at your enemies that crop up. There are not unlimited of those, so killing them helps you out. There also are two health pickups here, one in the far back on the right, and one behind the last crate on the right side (behind some pipes). Once all 18 are up in flames go to the entrance again and your mission is over.

Go to the Z blip and step into the yellow chevrons.

Dragon Haul Z

Reward: 1000$

Zhou has a raid planed. After the little talk, go south and intercept the delivery van. They will defend themselves with guns. Try to drive ahead a bit, then drive by, so you shoot a bit backwards as well and they will get out of the truck. Kill them if you have to and grab the truck. Once you have the truck and no wanted level park it in the yellow marker next to the bank. Now comes the mini game of being not suspicious. First you have a trial on how to work the dragon, then you will have to perform for real in front of an audience. In the trial you can make mistakes, later you have to be almost perfect to make it through. A good strategy is to try and stay in the middle of the road, and also hit the targets not in the perfect center but at the edge, towards the center of the road. Just keep doing this until you walk out of the crowd and your mission is over.

Time to pay Chan a visit. Go to the C blip at the marina and step into the yellow marker.


Reward: 12 bags Ecstasy

This guy is just unbelievable. He wants to race you on the water. Grab the Wet Ski and follow him through the checkpoints. At one point he falls back with the boat smoking some, just keep going and the game will stop. It seems like the boat was sabotaged. Sure enough the Spanish lords come around. Now protect Chan from them. The wet ski, like a bike, can fire straight ahead. So use this to your advantage. There are 7 waves in total from 2 to 4 boats each (total 21 boats for me). You will carry an MP5 with unlimited ammo for this, so just keep on shooting at them. The biggest problem is boats exploding though. Try not to shoot them when they are close to Chan, or the boat exploding can do a lot more damage. Once all waves are done with Chan will be rescued by a helicopter.

You will get a mail from Kenny a bit later, telling you to go to Hsin. Go to the H blip and step into the yellow chevrons.

The Offshore Offload

Reward: $700

Some money needs laundering but the cops have Hsin's men. Go to the blip and you will see that the men are captured in a Noose van. There is the wide alley, avoid that, and a smaller on the side. You can actually drive into that alley with a car and not tip off the cops. A cabbie works great for this. Park it facing toward the wide alley and a bit away room the truck. Go to the back of the van and play the mini game for applying the explosives and the detonators. Step back, let the van doors explode and get into your car instantly. Two guys will appear and get into your car as well, now floor it. Turn left into the street at the alley exit and the game gives you a new target, a blue blip to the north. That’s the accountant, so pick him up. He's just standing there so get close, stop the car but stay inside and wait till he is in the car. Now you have to make it to the helipad in the southeast of the island. Drive carefully and don't try to ram the other cars, you are most likely already pretty damaged on this stretch. Just make it into the yellow marker and the wanted level will go away as this completes the mission.

By now you can also get the upgrade at Ammunation to buy the better weapons if you like. This can come in very handy but sets you back 10'000. As a good drug dealer though that shouldn't be a problem.

Go to the H blip and step into the yellow chevrons.

One shot, one kill

One of Chan's people sold him out. Go to the yellow blip. Step into the yellow chevrons and you end up on a balcony. Grab the suitcase and assemble your sniper rifle. You have to find a guy that has a white shirt and jeans and kill him. Just look at the people running around in the garden and fine one with a white shirt and blue pants. He looks different from all the others, just shoot him and once you hit the right guy, the game will tell you. Now you have a three star wanted level. You need to get rid of it. Simplest is to grab the car right next to the exit at the hotel, then drive north on the wide road. Here you can get speed and just ram police cars to take them out and lower your wanted level. Once all the wanted stars are gone, you have finished the mission.

After this mission Zhou emails you again, as does Chan. Both accuse the other of being the rat. Since Zhou is closer visit him first.

The Fandom Menace

Reward: $200

Zhou is very popular. You have to drive him to a meeting at the construction site in the south. But there are some paparazzi that try to get a picture. Once one got one, he will drive off on his bike. Chase him down (red blip) and kill him. This can happen a few times throughout the whole mission, just always concentrate on killing the reporter before going on. You pick up Chun Chun Fung at the construction site then it goes on to the triangle to pickup Chow Chin. Then your trip goes back to where it started. The best way to deal with the reporters is to drive by as soon as you see them approach, even before they took the picture. That will knock them off the bike usually as soon as they take the picture. Then killing them when they are on foot is easy. With all back at the starting place, you are done.

Weston sends you an email that he also has some business you could take care of. Who doesn't.

For now, go to the C blip and step into the yellow marker.

Counterfeit Gangster

There are some counterfeit things laying around that could put Chan behind bars. You are tasked to go and destroy it all before the feds arrive. Destroy the crates just at the garage then go to the new yellow blips that show up. The northern most one is at the edge of a pier, just shoot the crates and you are done. The next south one has a crane. Get in and dump all 4 cars into the water. Space it out a bit or they pile up on each other. The last one is cars again but these ones you have to take the bulldozer nearby and push them into the water. The two cars parked one after the other, if they are not moving, back up and ram them with some speed, that should do the trick. If you lose the bulldozer there is a second one on the pier there. With all evidence removed, you are done.

Chan mails you after this and calls you his Boss and BFF. He has more work, so head over to the C blip and step into the yellow chevrons.

Slaying With Fire

Now Chan has completely lost it. He wants you to help him to kill all his old "friends". They are on Happiness island. Chan flies the chopper and you have to chuck down Molotov to kill his friends. After you blow the tanker, your best bet is to carpet bomb the area. Just keep chucking them out, as they will walk directly into the fire. The ones that stands a bit to the sides, you need to aim for specially, but most will walk into the middle area. Then the copter moves to another place, do the same thing, carpet bomb the area at the corner of the plaza, that's where most will be. Now they try for the docks. Over there, carpet bomb the area where the normal pier has that little jetty attached that goes down to the boats. There you will hit most of them. Now take down the boats before they can get in. With those gone, you are going towards the statue. Now there are a lot of guys running around, but ignore them and concentrate on the ones the game will indicate with a red blip on the radar, those have rocket launchers. Kill them fast or they will cause a lot of damage on your helicopter. Once you are around the statue another chopper will appear. Simply hold the throw distance drawn up and wait for it to get close enough then bombard it until it crashes. Chan will drop you off and you are done.

Time to visit Heston. Go to the shield and H blip in north Holland and step into the yellow chevrons.

Operation Northwood

Reward: $200

Heston wants to go clean but his dealer has a lot of dirt on him and doesn't want to let him go so easy, so you have to take care of it. Outside you will need a fast car. Lucky for you a guy in a banshee pulls up on the other side of the street. Wait for him to go away a bit then grab it and drive to the bomb blip. Drive into the garage there and attach the bomb. Now drive over to the bar at the yellow blip. The dealer will come out and drive away. Now here is why you need a fast car, he also drives a banshee and is quick to use the gas pedal. Just follow him, don't try to shoot or ram him. He will lead you around town a bit, twice through some alleys but mostly around streets. Then he goes back north again, past the bomb shop and to an industrial area up north. The game will not indicate a yellow marker, park the car there. Get out of the car and the industrial area, across the street and blow the bomb to finish the mission.

Heston has another lead. Go to the shield and H blip next to the gas station and step into the yellow marker.

Torpedo Run

Now Heston wants you to kill of Zhou's boat. Just across the street is the jetty for the police boats. Run in, ignore the cops and grab the indicated boat (a destroyer). When you press the A button now, it will shoot a torpedo, very handy. Go south towards the boat. Now as soon as you hit it the first time, it will start to throw mines at you. You can either shoot them to blow them up or just drive around them. About 3 mines is what your boat can stand then it goes to hell, so be careful. You have unlimited torpedoes so hit it hard and as often as you can. Once it's down an email will open automatically from Heston. A van with more contraband is to the south on Colony island. Head there and stand in the yellow marker on the jetty. You see a van run off, so get after it. This is rather simple, just drive by the van until the two guys inside come out. Kill them and destroy the van to complete the mission.

A bit later Zhou emails you, he’s got job. Go to the Z blip and stand into the yellow marker.

So Near, Yet Sonar

Reward: 15 bags Acid

Zhou tasks you to find 4 crates that were on board the ship you just sunk. Get into the salvage boat and head north. Once you are close enough, the lower screen will show you the sonar view. Ping the sonar to see the locations of items. Just steer over it and the boat will latch on to the item on its own, but you have to wind it upwards. You will find some junk there, but in total there are four crates form Zhou you need to find. When you get further north you also get chances to raise a mine and get detected by the coast guard. You can't ping too often or the coastguard will attack you. Once you have the four crates return to the jetty and park in the yellow marker.

Hsin emails you after this, so go see him at the H blip.

By Myriads of Swords

Reward: $

Now Hsin wants you to behead the traitors. Go to the western of the two yellow blips at Firefly island. As you get close you'll get a red blip, that’s the leader. You need to kill him with the sword, one hit is enough. Get close to him, ignore everyone else and kill him. Once he is dead, kill the bodyguards (now the red blips) and then go back to the body of the leader (green blip). Collect his wallet and grab the id (lower right thing). Head to the second area and go in from the back (east). If you are fast you can kill him before he gets into a car, but most likely you will be too late. Grab a car and follow him, ignore his bodyguards. Shoot at the car a bit but follow him mainly until he gets out. Now behead him, kill all bodyguards nearby and collect his ID again.

You get an email from Kenny, that he wants to meet at the amusement park. If you have some police heat, don't worry it will disappear once you have reached your destination. All you need to do is stand into the yellow marker on foot and listen to the next deadline for you to find the sword and the rat.

You'll get mails from Hsin and Lester now. Lester wants you to get him two bags of Ecstasy and Hsin has a meeting of the midtown gangsters for you to take care of. Leave Lester out of this for now and head to the H blip.

A Shadow of Doubt

You meet Hsin at a train station. A guy in a pink umbrella comes down and now you have to follow him on foot. Sometimes he turns around and then you need to hide behind a truck or a corner. The first time the game will show you a yellow marker for that. Later you have to do this on your own. Once he has met his contact, you have to get quickly to the car and plant a bug. With the bug in place they will get in the car and drive of. Now simply drive towards the blue blip. This and the following blips just stand still until a new blip appears. That is a place where they have been last. So just follow the blips until you come to their safe house and you are done.

Hsin and Rudy D'Avanzo will email you. Time for a raid on the safe house. Go to the H blip and step into the marker.

Friend or Foe?

Reward: $300

At the meet get into the van. Now drive to the green blip. There is a bomb, get out, pick it up, get back into the van and drive over to the yellow blip. Here you plant the bomb then backup the van against the hole in the wall. Once the van is in place go to the entrance (yellow blip) and now defend it against the Koreans. The easiest here is to use the minigun if you still have it. You will not have any problem at all to defend this place. Molotov also work pretty good. A health pickup near where you blew a hole will prolong the battle if you need it. The game will tell you that they got the safe and have it in the van, now get in as well and drive back to the garage. On the way there you will be attacked by Koreans, just ignore them and drive well. In the garage, you will have to crack the safe and then you are done.

Go to the R blip in Steinway and stand into the yellow marker.

Grave Situation

Reward: $250

Rudy tells you the traitor is a wise guy named Jimmy Capra that works for Messina. Of course instantly you get surrounded. Now you have to fight your way through the grave yard. Rudy will stay hidden but you have to kill all the goons. They drop armor every couple of waves, so use that to your advantage. Try to circle them from the side, they often hide behind one or another object otherwise. It's a long firefight but you should get out of it relatively easy. At the exit just stand close to Rudy to finish it up.

Kenny sends an email that you now can use an old safe house in Northwood, it's close to the northernmost pay and spray in Algonquin.

Now get 10 bags of Ecstasy (buy it, Hove beach is a good place for that or get it from your stash) then go to the L blip and enter the burger shot there through the blue chevrons.

Double Trouble

You have to impersonate Lester for the bikers and impress them with your bike skills. Outside grab his bike (blue blip) and go to the bikers hangout in the north and park in the marker. Now you have to ride in style. First perform a burnout like the game tells you, then jump over the bikes, turn around and around again, to jump over the wall into the gas station. Make sure you hit it straight and not hit the pumps (it's an instant death). The path leads you into an alley and there are The Lost. You can get off your bike and kill them all here. Once they are dead get back on your bike and continue. A bit later after driving between two buildings south, you encounter the lost on bikes. Again kill all but one but stay on your bike. Once that's done you have to meet up with Lester again. He will drop some explosives for you. Grab them then get back on your bike. The yellow blip now indicates a ramp. You can get onto it from the east, through an alley. Use the ramp to jump into the park, then go to the base of the big globe. Plant the explosives and see it kill some Lost members. Lester shows up and thanks you for your help.

Go to the L blip and enter the burger shot again.

Faster Pusher Man! Sell! Sell!

Reward: 10 bags Coke

Lester is completely on drugs, no chance he can sell the stuff the angles told him to sell. So you will have to do it for him. You have to sell to 10 people in the area north of the burger shot. The buyers appear randomly. Just get close on foot or in a vehicle and stop. The buyer comes to you, you push one bag over to them and the deal is done. You have to complete this transaction 10 times. At first all is peaceful but then you get competition. You have to finish alive and before the others have sold theirs. If a buyer gets taken by someone else, don't worry there are plenty more and there are new ones all the time. With all packs gone, return to the burger shot around the back and park in the marker to finish.

Stash your coke and wait for a good deal with it, this will be a very big pay day when you get the chance to sell it.

Heston sends you an email, he has something for you. Go to the shield and H blip.


You have to take down a scrambler that makes an illegal wiretap impossible. Head west and your map will get all fuzzy. now watch for the bar in the top left. The closer you get to the scrambler the more full it gets. Just go west until it gets lower again. Now head south until the same happens, then back east and back north again (this is an alley). You will see a guy with a red arrow above his head standing there. kill him then go on foot further north and you find the scrambler (a van) with 4 more guys protecting it. With the guys dead and the van destroyed you notice there must be a second scrambler. At the north exit of this alley is a vest, take it, it will come in handy.

This scrambler is on the roof of a building, in the across the intersection to the southwest. The building in the northwest corner there has the scrambler and to the south of it is a gas station. Take the stairs on the east side of the building and take down the guys on the roof, then destroy the scrambler. Another scrambler must be around, as this didn't do it either.

The last one is on the move. Take the road north of the last building and drive east you should home in on it quickly. Destroy the van and you are done.

Hsin and Rudy will mail you after this. Go to the R blip and step into the chevrons.

Steal the Wheels

There is a recorder Rudy wants. It's in a car you need to steal. Go to the yellow blip. The car is here inside this compound and you can't get in. Go around to the north of it, and there is a ramp leading south. Walk up that ramp and you can drop down into the compound. You find a health pickup in the corner and lots of enemies, that are unlimited in quantity north. Kill the ones close by then go a bit north and blow up the tanker next to the gate. Make sure you are far enough away from it. With the tanker gone, the gate is open. Kill a couple of the enemies then run for the car. Inside you need to play the hijack mini game then drive it back to the starting point. You will have some company, just ignore them and make it to the marker.

Hsin will send you an email, he doesn't like you working with Rudy.

Go to the H blip on charge island and step into the marker.

Arms Out of Harm's Way

Reward: $200

There is a weapons deal going on and you are just the person to make it go sour. Go to the docks in the northeast corner and step into the marker. Now there is a long firefight ahead. Go east inside the compound and grab the vest. At the containers head around them to the east so you can outflank your enemies. Head west and pay attention to the guys rolling in from your right (north). Once you are near the water you will see the boat taking off. Get on the wet ski and follow them. You need to drive by them now until the boat explodes. Keep to the side of them though as they will use mines which blow you off the wet ski. With the boat sunk, you are done.

Lester and Hsin email you after this and offer more missions.

Go to the H blip and step into the marker.

The Wages of Hsin

Reward: $2500

Hsin had enough with the Koreans and sends you to clean up once and for all. Grab the bomb behind the building and go to the yellow blip. As soon as you enter you get shot at. Kill the guards and make your way to the closest blip around the left side of the building. Blow up the structure and defeat the next wave of enemies. Go to the next blip by going between the buildings and defeat these enemies there. A health pickup is to your left in the corner. Blow up this one and go to the last one, again killing the enemies you will see. With that one out, you have to go around the whole compound again, to the last one for the main structure. Clean out the enemies on your way and at the end, blow it up. Now make your way to the waterfront, fast, and step into the marker to jump into the water. Grab the wet ski and drive off.

Go to the L blip and step into the marker.

Convoy Conflict

Reward: $200

Hop on the spare bike at the blue blip and follow Lester to the docks. Now you have to protect the convoy that goes from here to the bikers home base. Essentially, drive behind and when you see enemies in front speed up and kill them, then fall back. In meadows park is a roadblock, just get close and you will see how the lost create it. Kill them and destroy the cars that make the roadblock so the convoy can drive on. With both vans safe at the base you are done.

Go to the R blip and step into the marker.

The World's a Stooge

Reward: $1500

Rudy will give you the recording that will prove your innocence, but he wants you to play rat squad first and kill the other rats. So go to the western most blip on the map.

Kill the body guards on land then get on the wet ski. The rat is on the boat, so concentrate your fire on that until it blows up. This should be pretty quick, then take down the body guards on wet skis and return to the shore.

Go to the second blip, the one in the southwestern part of middle park. If you get lucky you can kill the guy and run away without having to fight all his body guards. He just stands there on an open plaza. Once he is dead head for the last one.

This one will get into a car and try to drive off. Just ram his guards and follow the car. Drive by the car until it blows up and you are done here.

Heston mails you, he needs your help again.

Evidence Dash

Reward: $200

His car is dear to him and there is evidence in it, all a bit complicated. Bottom line, get it back but still in one piece, which is harder than it sounds. If you have no car or only something semi fast, across the street is a good one for this. Grab it and follow the car. Now this part is easy, just follow, it always goes the same way to the same spot. don't shoot at the car, it will only hurt you. Once the car is in that northwestern area where it stops, there is a huge firefight going on around there. Just grab the car and drive away. Go straight till you get to the big road, take the first right and the next one left to the north again. Now here your chances of survival are a lot better than on the large open road. Go north then into the pay and spray up here to repair it. Just a bit to the southeast of here is a safe house you now own. Get close to it from the north and around there is a quiet spot that the game wants. Get out of the car and approach the trunk (as the yellow chevrons indicate). Now the game leads you through torching the evidence, then get back in. Bring the car back to Heston, but you will have some of the same troublemakers as before to deal with. Just avoid them as good as you can and park the car in the marker to finish.

Rudy mails you telling you that you now can get your copy, great. Lester also mails you and wants tome help.

Go to the R blip and step into the chevrons.


Reward: $250

Take Rudy to the meeting. You are supposed to take down the rat this time. Rudy drops you off outside a compound. Get through the gate then up the stairs at the yellow blip. Follow the roof tops to the green blip and assemble the sniper rifle. You got unlimited shots, so use it. The talks go bad, so shoot the enemies as fast as you can to protect Rudy. Keep an overview with the GPS so you know where they come from and zoom in to get a better view. There will be two cars coming in and reinforce the whole area, so keep an eye out for those as well. Rudy makes his way across the area and when all enemies are dealt with, get into a car and drive off, which is the end of your mission.

Hsin sends a mail and wants to see you right away. Go to the H blip and step into the chevrons.

A Rude Awakening

Hsin is very unhappy with you. HE wants you to go and kill Rudy. Take a car and go north. Go to all three locations (I suggest taking the southernmost first, then the eastern of the two last and then the western most). You will find Rudy inside the shop, so enter and you will find a shocking revelation. Rudy runs away to his car, so chase after him. You have to drive by his car until it blows up and you are done with this mission.

Go to the L blip and step into the marker. If you are low on health grab the health pickup in front.

See No Evil

Lester still is trying to get info from Meredith. You need to protect them and keep Meredith from getting too suspicious. Grab a bike (nothing else will work well) and go to the blue blip. Lester will drive off and now you have to prevent them from getting too close to the car. Simple drive by them or ram them so they tumble off their bikes. You don't have to finish them off. Follow the car and Lester will drive to an apartment building here he stops and will go inside with Meredith. Now protect the building by killing the bikers that come at you. After three waves you are done here.

A bit later Lester will inform you that there is no rat in the gang. You are running out of places to look. Heston also emails you, he has another lead. Go to the shield and H blip and step into the marker.


Reward: $200

You have to do the impossible and hack the FIB. In the game this is a lot easier. Just go to the spot that is perfectly in between the two indicated spots. The icons top left will help you home in. The first is a bit into an alley. The FIB catches on and you get one star rating. The next is just a bit down the road to the west, so you can either try to wait it out (it can resume) or get rid of the star first. Either way, I would get rid of the star then proceed to the third spot. This one is in an alley in the block west of the block that goes to a point downwards a bit north of the last position. After you received here, you get a two star rating. The next spot is just to the west in an alley, so I would just ignore the cops as good as you can and try to get the last one this way. As soon as you did, you get a three star rating. Now you have to work to get rid of that. Heston sends you an email you have to read, but he says the same, get rid of the heat first. Level 1 and 2 are relatively easy, but level 3 is pretty hard already. You will see roadblocks, but they won’t count as taken out cars, so don't ram them. Once the heat is gone, return to the point where it all started and park in the marker.

Heston tells you it was Zhou and Chan, both independently sold out Hsin.

You'll get an email from Kenny a bit later. He has a plan, but Hsin thinks you are the rat. Go meet him on the west entrance of the Museum at the K blip and step into the chevrons.

Rat Race

Kenny thinks after reading the file from Heston that you should show it to Hsin. He is at a meeting now you only need to get there. Outside you jump into the truck, on the back. You are the gunner with a minigun in this case. Keep an eye on the GPS and kill the enemies as they come at you. You can shoot constantly, you got unlimited ammo. After a while you come to an alley and the car is toast. Now you reverse roles. All you need to do is get 5 blocks south. Pull out of the ally, go left then right again. Now just keep going straight down that road, but not in a straight line. The helicopter above you tries to target and kill you. Watch the three targeting triangles on the ground. Once they stay put, the helicopter fires a rocket there and that will hurt. Easy way is to simple drive in S curves, constantly veering left and right. Ignore the rest around you, only the helicopter is really important and just try not to drive yourself into a stop or a corner. With that you should easy reach the marker where this will end.

Hsin makes Kenny the new boss, finally.

You get an email from Kenny later telling you that Zhou and Chan have forfeit their lives. Before you go after them, stock up on armor and make sure your health is full.

Go to the C blip and step into the marker.

Clear the Pier

This is a very battle intensive bit. You have to fist clear the outside of the pier here, which is the area that in GTA 4 basically is the entrance to the Platypus. Battle your way across the area and use grenades wisely to avoid getting hit too much. Make your way to the warehouse and once all are killed outside get in there. Inside I suggest using the shotgun. Don't go through the door on the left, a grenade will come in first. Once that is exploded go down that path and through the warehouse, killing the enemies and leaving again through the other side. Outside Chan makes a run for it. Kill the last two guys then get into the car. Your goal is to shoot up the car enough so Chan leaves it. It's unlikely you will be able to get it to explode just like that, so best is to trap him and shoot as much as you can while he is trapped. Once he is out of the car, kill him and his guard. He had it a long time coming.

Go to the Z blip and step into the chevrons.

Hit from the Tong

Time for Zhou to die. After knocking off the lock, and alerting the guards, go straight and grab the assault rifle from the red dumpster ahead of you. Now circle the building to the right and head for the yellow blip (ignore the guards on the left). Zhou enters a helicopter and gets whisked away. Kill all the guards down here. There is a vest in the back to the left and a health pickup on the right side next to the open dumpster and the lift. Once all are dead take the lift indicated to the roof. On the roof you get an RPG and the helicopter fight. The helicopter does two things, rockets and minigun. While it's doing the rockets thing, you can aim at it and shoot it down. In the minigun phase your best bet is to stand behind the column. Hit it and once it had enough you go down the lift again. On the ground more troops have arrived. Kill them, collect the health and armor pickup and go to the second lift. On the roof the same game with the helicopter again. Make certain you stand away from the targets the helicopter makes for the rocket attacks. On the ground again after this, more enemies attack. Again kill them and collect the health pickup at the far east fence between the containers (middle of the plot) and the armor on the western most side behind a cable roll. Go up the last elevator to the roof. Again the same game applies. Hit the helicopter while it does it's rocket attacks and avoid it in the minigun sweep. New rockets will spawn if you run out. With the helicopter crashed and burnt, get down to ground level again and you are done.

Henson will send you an email. You have been played again. None of the two guys were the rats, but they were annoying anyways, so no loss there. He has something about a meeting on charge island, so go to the shield and H blip in Steinway and step into the marker.

Salt in the Wound

Get into a car and drive with Henson over to the desalination plant and park in the marker. As suspected, the traitor is Kenny. Let's kill Kenny. IAD and the FIB barge in. Just run up straight north. Heston will flank to the left through a door and you are to fend your way north on your own. Go around the pipes, grab the armor and health and make your way north, eliminating the enemies as you go. When a rocket explodes just north of you, run fast north and use the cover. When you are close enough kill the enemy with the rocket launcher. Head further north, dispatching the guards until you are at a dead end. Heston will come close to a control room to your left and stand on the upper walk way. Go close to him and he will try to open the gate. Just cover him, killing the enemies trying to get close. Collect the armor one of the is dropping if you need it.

Once the gate is open, go through and you see Kenny escape in a boat. Go to the Jetty at the yellow blip and stand into the marker. Now you are commanding a minigun with unlimited ammo. Kill Kenny's guards that try to get you. Once at the end of your journey, Kenny changes into a car.

He drives south to Hsin's penthouse, just go there by any route you want, it's not far. Step into the marker at the penthouse, it's time for the final showdown. After the little dialog, kill Kenny. With Kenny dead, you have completed Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars. Congratulations.