Battlefield Heroes

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Battlefield Heroes
Release date: Summer 2008
Developer: Digital Illusions CE
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Series: Battlefield Series
Platforms: Windows


Battlefield Heroes is a cartoon-style action game currently under development by EA Digital Illusions CE (DICE; an EA Company). The game features context-specific third- and first-person shooter perspectives. Currently planned for release for Windows-based PCs in summer 2008, Heroes will be the first Battlefield game to be released under Electronic Arts' new "Play 4 Free" model, which will see the game released for free with revenue generated from advertising and micropayments. Advertisements will appear on the website and the 'front-end' of the game although none will appear in-game, while micropayments may be made for additional items to customize the appearance of players' avatars without any gaming advantage. The game is said to be placing less emphasis on skill and strategy, and will be less demanding on computer specifications than the previous games of the series to increase the audience base. In addition, a system will be in place to match players of similar skill levels together for fair play.


attlefield Heroes features a modified conquest mode providing each team 50 tickets and two flags at the start of the round. Killing enemies will reduce tickets and holding more flags than the opposing army will grant a multiplier. It is possible to win by owning more flags than the enemy and by killing fewer of them. Matchmaking will also be a feature to keep players of the same level together. Players of each level will play with other players within a couple levels of their own. Developers of the game have talked about levels going as high as 40 or 50. The two armies are called the National Army (possessing a red base color flag) and the Royal Army (possessing a blue base color flag). The game is third-person only at this point, but senior producer Ben Cousins has stated if first-person is really wanted it may be added in at a later date. Spawn times are Five seconds allowing for less waiting and more action. Players do not pick spawn points since the game has an "Intelligent Spawn System" putting players closest to the nearest battle. Two maps will be available on release, but a third map is in development.

The point system in Battlefield Heroes is being called Metagame (non official name), which allows characters to fight for a territorial positions during each match. The land gained is then recorded as a win for each army, and at the end of the week everything is added up and both armies are given money based on percentage and land conquered. Players can choose whether or not to participate in the Metagame.

Closed Beta Release

On May 6, 2008 the first phase of the beta was invitation only and the invitations were given to professional beta testers only. More information about the open beta and signing up will be released in the coming weeks prior to the closed beta's release.


Official Website

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