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Release date: October 3, 2006
Developer: NHN Corporation
Publisher: Codemasters
Platforms: Windows
Media: DVD


ArchLord is a fantasy MMORPG computer game. On August 2007 the game, along with its expansion pack, Season of Siege, became free to play, with the full game available to download on the ArchLord website. Two expansion packs have been released.

One of Archlord's unique features is players being able to compete for the title of Archlord, the supreme ruler of the realm. Only one Archlord can exist per server, reigning for two weeks before he is challenged by other players for the position. The Archlord has access to a castle, as well as control over a dragon mount and the weather itself.

Since the game became free-to-play, it has gathered more attention. PCFormat magazine included a full version of the game on the DVD supplied with issue 206. The server traffic is also higher than it was before, according to the official website.


Archlord was met with mixed reviews, with common complaints of constant grinding and lack of variety. The old style "point and click" system of movement in the game, which is the predominant method in Korean MMORPGs, was unpopular with western critics. The game was however praised for its graphics and musical score.


Archlord features three playable races: Orcs, Humans, and Moon Elves on the continent of Chantra. The Orcs, begin their quests in the Village of Golunndo. Humans begin in the first human settlement, Anchorville, and the Moon Elves in Norine. There are three classes in each race with the exception of Moon Elves, which only have two.


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