Alone in the Dark

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Alone in the Dark
Alone in the Dark Cover.jpg
Release date: June 23, 2008
Developer: Eden Games
Publisher: Atari
Platforms: PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Wii, Windows, Xbox 360


Alone in the Dark is the fifth installment of the Alone in the Dark series published by ATARI (former Infogrames). The maincharacter of the game series is Edward Carnby. In Alone in the Dark (5), Edward Carnby has to fight against mysterious monsters and zombies through the New York Central Park.

The Game uses a chapter based storyline like TV series like 24 or Lost. And the player can directly switch to an Episode or a chapter within an episode over a menu like a DVD chapter menu. This makes the game playable for almost every kind of gamer. The playtime for each Episode is around 1-2 hours. There are eight Episodes.

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Story Walkthrough


Episode 1


Episode 2


Episode 3

Painfull Answers

Episode 4

Fight back and loss

Episode 5

Not Alone anymore

Episode 6

The Truth

Episode 7

The path of Light

Episode 8

The Lightbringer


Edward Carnby

Carnby's Identity file

Edward Carnby

Independent Researcher, graduated in Chemistry, Physics, History of Religions and Arts.

Private detective license - specialized in unsolved affairs linked to paranormal phenomenon.

-Solved the suicide case of Jeremy Hartwood at Derceto Manor in 1924.

-Rescued Grace Saunders from One-Eye-Jack's gangsters in the fortified mansion of "Hell's Kitchen".

-Journeyed across Eastern Europe and India where he bought several rare objects.

-Came back to the USA and left again.

-Last seen in dehli where he disappeared under strange circumstances in 1938.

His body was not found.

  • Notable scars and marks including a long scar on the left side of the face.

Sarah Flores

She is an Art dealer

Theophile Paddington

Dr. Hartford


The mysterious Mr. Crowley is the bad guy.


The game was released on June 20 in Europe and on June 24 in the USA


The music is composed by Olivier Deriviere and performed by The Mystery of Bulgarian Voices

There are three Soundtrack produced for the game.

The first Soundtrack contains 4 songs.

01. Edward Carnby

02. Crying New York

03. Loneliness

04. No More Humans

This Soundtrack is for promotion only

The second Soundtrack contains 8 songs.

01. Prelude to an end

02. Edward Carnby

03. Truth

04. Crying New York

05. Why ?

06. Who am I ?

07. Loneliness

08. No More Humans

This Soundtrack is available only in the Collectors edition

The third soundtrack contains 21 songs.

1. Prelude to an End

2. Edward Carnby

3. The Fissure

4. Collapsing Floors

5. The Facade

6. Reception Hall

7. The Humanz

8. Who Am I?

9. Central Dark

10. Crying New York

11. Loneliness

12. Bethesda Fight

13. Killing the Fissure

14. No More Humans

15. Truth

16. Niamam

17. The Light Carrier Test

18. Shto Li (a cappella)

19. The Final Gate

20. The Choice

21. An End for a Prelude

This Soundtrack is available in stores and on Milan Records

There is also a soundtrack from DJ Tiesto

Alone in the Dark Tiesto 1280x1024.jpg

Tiesto presents Alone in the Dark Inferno "Edward Carnby"

1. Edward Carnby (Tiesto Radio Edit)

2. Edward Carnby (Tiesto Vocal MIx)

3. Edward Carnby (Tiesto Instrumental Mix)

extra: Edward Carnby (Tiesto Music Video)

This Soundtrack is available in stores and on Black Hole Recordings

Watch the musicvideo @ YouTube


Official Alone in the Dark Homepage